All I Want for Christmas Is Plastic Surgery

Many people are deciding to provide loved ones with a new look for Christmas.
3:44 | 12/20/11

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Transcript for All I Want for Christmas Is Plastic Surgery
The gift a little nip -- this holiday season plastic surgery. Topping the list for more and more people because Christmas. Yeah thank you very much little deliberation never heard anybody -- Abbie Boudreau looked into -- plastic surgery is becoming so popular. This year -- He and Nicole always -- with the other wants for Christmas. Kids about friends and sisters. What we're some of the gift that you remember giving each other growing up. -- -- -- mostly clothes and accessories. -- and hold pictures of us when we're growing up. I guess this Christmas it's kind of a different level even since might be surprised what's on Tina Franklin's Christmas list. I'm hoping to get may be that purse for my concern trying to pierce is just like excuse me plastic surgery to degrade and you know what exactly are you asking for and -- -- -- The cruise speed around the -- that's what I noticed the most between the brows and then on the forehead I think she's a little crazy -- -- -- -- and -- Pratt I know that she's been whining at and it makes her happy. After breaking up with her long term boyfriend Tina a bridal makeup artist. -- -- needed a pick me up and Botox was the perfect answer the best Christmas present. Can be -- if you put her face in the hands of doctors can only Lawton. And Newport Beach, California plastic surgeon whose increasingly busy this time of year as housewives of Orange County. Get plastic surgery as Christmas gets. About tax cut -- about a 120 days but it varies on individual. This business women are asking for everything from breast -- To tummy tucks to pull mommy makeovers. What kind of -- for into. First annual deductible could be as low as a few hundred dollars if we're talking about full mommy -- -- which could include tummy tuck and breast lift my breast augmentation it could be anywhere between seven. This whole thing 650. Dollars to -- older sister with Botox injections. Did you feel there are on the forehead. That I -- around -- area. India holding got a few treatments to -- -- to live. Thanks to her boyfriend Gavin who forked over 850 dollars to make -- Christmas wish come true. Botox and a wrinkle filler called Jupiter -- -- Her shoes or clothes but it. I just really wanted to get something -- -- food. -- -- going you know I mean I -- for the way she -- but if he's gonna make her feel better you know what why for Christmas because I figure I can get the most Chris. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- crow's feet were injected with Botox Botox is gonna go relax the muscles so -- Cat to elevate the brow slightly and her cheeks made slightly plump or cheat on taxes of filler that adds value at 49 his jewelry designer hopes to turn back time. I feel like -- lifted. And it just makes me feel like. How did you know. Ten years ago is this how people express true well -- whom I think and you have to remember I didn't bring -- -- Last where he gave me. A -- parking and how do you think. This gift from this year compares to a lot over him -- -- hundred times just ready to start after -- twelve. Fresh -- -- look at hot. Fat happy holidays -- morning America Abby Boudreau ABC news. Newport Beach, California.

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{"id":15196217,"title":"All I Want for Christmas Is Plastic Surgery","duration":"3:44","description":"Many people are deciding to provide loved ones with a new look for Christmas.","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-plastic-surgery-15196217","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}