'Christmas Story' Lawsuit: Bully in Fight Over Use of His Image

Mark Greenblatt has the latest in the case surrounding actor in famous holiday film.
2:33 | 12/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Christmas Story' Lawsuit: Bully in Fight Over Use of His Image
half hour with the bully from the holiday film, "a christmas story," in the middle of a grown-up fight. Mark greenblatt is here. What's going on here? Reporter: We're talking about one of the most famous bullies of all-time. The actor has grown up. And says the tables have turned, with corporate america being mean now to him. Are you going to cry now? Reporter: You probably know zach ward as one of the most famous and feared bullies of all-time. Scott farcus, the them nis of ralphie in "a christmas story." He's the one getting bulled now, by the maker of a board game after that classic. He's suing the national collectible entertainment association for fraud, claiming the company used his image without his permission and without paying him. It's not the way you're supposed to treat people. And in my gut, it felt unfair. And it was the perfect example of being bullied. Reporter: Ward said he did give permission for this action figure to be made. He claims that the national entertainment collectibles association never mentioned the board game. I had never been told about this. I was shocked. Absolutely shocked. Reporter: His lawsuit quotes e-mails from the movie studio, like this one, warning the board gamemaker, you cannot ship this product without approval from the actor. Ward claimed the company tricked the studio into thinking it did have permission to make the games and sold thousands of them. They expected to me to roll over, suck my thumb and go home. And complain and whine about it. But really do nothing. And I just couldn't do that. Reporter: But the manufacturer's lawyer tells "gma," we had his consent. This has been a manufactured story from the beginning. But does concede they owe ward royalties. Leaving, perhaps, the most famous bully ever, from ralphie in the movie, sometimes it does pay to fight b and the attorney for that board gamemaker believes that zack ward is a washed-up actor whose career peaked at 13 years old. And claims his client got permission to use that image. They settled the lawsuit. And he is owed royalties. It's interesting to see him grown up. He doesn't look like a bully anymore. But still has the red hair. Thanks. Time to check in with ron and the other top stories.

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{"id":18044347,"title":"'Christmas Story' Lawsuit: Bully in Fight Over Use of His Image","duration":"2:33","description":"Mark Greenblatt has the latest in the case surrounding actor in famous holiday film.","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-story-lawsuit-bully-fight-image-18044347","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}