Severe Christmas Weather: 'Worst Time' For Storms to Hit

Power outages and a lack of heat put damper on some U.S. residents' holiday celebrations.
3:00 | 12/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Severe Christmas Weather: 'Worst Time' For Storms to Hit
we begin with a cold and dark christmas. No lights shining on the tree for 500,000 people thanks to a powerful ice storm. Ginger, I know you have all of the latest and what we can expect coming down the road. You're out of power for days. Imagine you're sitting there and waiting for them to turn back on. But christmas by candlelight, not because you wanted it. And not only is it the no electricity thing. But look at what temperatures are like this morning. So many thousands don't have power. The temperature feels like 22 in pittsburgh. It feels like 16 in detroit. That's where most of the issue was. From central michigan up to parts of western new york and new england no power. And the other side of the country, santa ana winds, record highs and wildfires. Christmas in the dark. No heat. No lights. No nothing. Reporter: From michigan, all the way to maine. This is probably the worst time of year to have something like this happen. Reporter: Tens of thousands still without power this morning. These kids up here, just trying to stay warm. Reporter: And it wasn't just christmas. The lights have been out since last weekend's storm. We want to get people their power. It's cold. It's christmas. Reporter: No electricity, plus subfreezing temps caused many a canceled holiday. We were supposed to have christmas here. Now, we can't get people to our house. Reporter: From ing to flint, michigan, hotels and motels sold out. Forcing families to flock to shelters. We're in a great place with great people. They've gone beyond to help us out. There were presents under the tree. Reporter: Emergency crews spent the holiday working, nonstop. Lack of sleep. The elements are tough. Reporter: On the west coast, wildfires flaring. In southern california, the santa ana winds causing record heat, forcing wind gusts from 50 Out there in the west, a few santa ana issues we'll be talking about throughout the show. A return to milder weather. Don't get too excited. This is just about freezing, you guys. For all those folks who need it to melt, the temperatures will at least get to freezing in the next couple of days. A measure of good news. With all of the bad weather,

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{"id":21337654,"title":"Severe Christmas Weather: 'Worst Time' For Storms to Hit","duration":"3:00","description":"Power outages and a lack of heat put damper on some U.S. residents' holiday celebrations.","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-weather-traffic-report-2013-worst-time-severe-21337654","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}