Christopher Dorner Search: Officials Search for Ex-officer in the Mountains

The manhunt continues to track alleged murderer, former LAPD officer.
3:29 | 02/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Christopher Dorner Search: Officials Search for Ex-officer in the Mountains
Massive manhunt out west Christopher garner a former cop with a vendetta against the LAPD now -- to use their tactics against them. Police say this man is highly trained heavily armed and has three murders under his belt already. Right now the search is focused on the mountains around big bear California and ABC's David Wright is there David good morning. Good morning Dan from -- -- Southern California bad weather here has made it tough on the search efforts. Authorities had to call their troops off the mountain last night but they are out there in force first thing this morning. So far though the only fresh glimpse of the fugitive where new pictures taken two weeks ago. Surveillance cameras captured these images of Christopher -- Warner. The trouble is they were taken two weeks ago in Orange County not far from where Monica Kwan and her fiance Keith Lawrence were murdered last Sunday. The last photos taken of to Warner before he disappeared. Signs like these armed and dangerous or on every freeway here but so far no one has spotted him. Near blizzard conditions here in big bear lake haven't helped. No eye in the sky for one thing in this weather the helicopters can't fly. On the ground not much better we're gonna continue to search an Italian -- we discover that he left the mountain are we find him one of the two. Big -- is a popular weekend ski resort the snowboarders are already back despite the man. Fresh powder tough to resist I'm not really tsk. About it. But you know it's -- you know it's in the back of my mind thing anybody you know it's funny I told everybody it's kind of big bear today -- like. And the killer -- man. Brian Murphy checked in with his kids via text message that plans on keeping his gun handy I -- it. Save spend a lot of tonight -- -- -- At 7 AM this morning that the police are headed back up that -- more than a hundred of them. They say that they'll keep searching until they find some sign of where he is. Or until he pops up somewhere else -- -- -- Second largest city in the country on alert David thank you. And as ex -- -- navy veteran Christopher Dornan knows exactly how police will try to track him down and that makes the hunt for him more difficult and dangerous. ABC's Pierre Thomas has more. All across Southern California police are on edge clear evidence that Christopher Horner is that legal adversary. Why because the -- a former police officer was one of law enforcement bone and a lengthy manifesto posted online he -- police writing. I know your techniques and tactics donors former girlfriend is afraid for her life. I think it is a scary situation. Who's next you know -- you don't know. Daughter has participated in dragnet so he understands exactly how to evade police he's been constantly on the move. From Irvine to San Diego then Riverside and now possibly big bear mountain. And he's -- police surveillance techniques. He even claims to have a list of all of LEP these unmarked police cars. Justin gumbo served in the navy would do Warner. He has a great deal of training and experience. -- -- in both offensive and defensive tactics. -- is a skilled shooter who was one military award for marksmanship. He claims to have explosives high capacity clips and a fifty caliber rifle capable of slicing -- police body armor and even car. Pierre Thomas ABC news Los Angeles.

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{"id":18449375,"title":"Christopher Dorner Search: Officials Search for Ex-officer in the Mountains","duration":"3:29","description":"The manhunt continues to track alleged murderer, former LAPD officer.","url":"/GMA/video/christopher-dorner-search-officials-search-officer-mountains-18449375","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}