Clear Closet Clutter, Get Style Sense Back

Zanna Roberts Rassi explains how cleaning your closet can revive your wardrobe.
2:49 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for Clear Closet Clutter, Get Style Sense Back
And we are joined now by Marie Claire fashion -- is that -- Roberts -- and -- welcome to good morning -- Let me get -- hearing that -- think all of us can can relate to this. Problem that actually hot absolutely and I think -- -- three big -- you can take away from -- that everyone can apply to that every day. Closets life. Number one will be compartmentalized. Key -- not I mean. Hate everything new -- it and store -- I silhouettes and -- so. Jeans and jeans -- as its Lexus -- and thousands. Sounds so obvious but it makes such a big difference if you really apply and you do color coordination out of Bradley is in that exactly how -- irate and upset the seven key pieces that everybody should be writing down you are seventy BC's rigid and wherever classics and trends -- got at Platz. -- shut which can double up as a vestige we'll -- Then we also have this fabulous -- -- -- really easy to act very big trend for spring. The -- -- BC essential in the boyfriend -- is great right now. We're loving a blaze up. And you like stripes we -- horizontal stripes are tricky but they can be had in mind though they can be one we're -- say how that's how. The pencil skirt and a pencil sketch with the Polk dot again a big tent is spreading its funniest ladylike but with a -- -- an pink sweater. And jump suit can we see these in some different way absolutely number one we have had a rock and -- lady yes some of mixing the two -- together. Pocono is an easy Princeton exist any all the print I -- you know the insane I Wear that outfit but somehow she -- act act act act. All right I don't that and then we have -- teens I'm missing something casual comfortable. Very very easy and we could even throw on this on the topic different from novel idea has had that we see the pink sweater a -- now couple that amid this feminine lets you sketch. Really great step up all body shapes as well six flows nicely over the hit so we can kind of -- -- -- -- Next we have to jump suits appreciate secrecy to the other extremes you can go on nights out with the -- Easy to do just got lots of X series of key and next up there -- that plaid shirt again Natalie countless changes silhouette by adding about a company with them. Then defendants got an -- like mixing those two -- you wouldn't expect to get right. Any I need to come with I'm -- Antioch these are -- bearing -- and in the three button and we have dressing up and then. Which is obviously something casual Friday in the face throw in the blaze -- -- pulled everything together -- -- way for most people ride especially when your model he had fun right. And then we have -- back to the don't -- again. Phillips added this -- -- which takes in 280 could even think the office -- 87 key pieces that deep cluttered closet. Marie Claire does it again think he's and I really think models one -- management for bringing -- these beautiful girls today all these -- that thanks at.

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{"id":15505721,"title":"Clear Closet Clutter, Get Style Sense Back","duration":"2:49","description":"Zanna Roberts Rassi explains how cleaning your closet can revive your wardrobe.","url":"/GMA/video/clear-closet-clutter-style-sense-back-15505721","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}