Clooney Joins George, Robin at 'GMA' Anchor Desk

"The Descendants" star starts his morning, live on "Good Morning America."
1:08 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Clooney Joins George, Robin at 'GMA' Anchor Desk
Braves head home are we letting. This. -- -- -- -- That's right yeah. Good really -- been out -- -- -- -- -- -- What comes of that -- you're ready do a -- on celebrity wife swap. -- you really hit all the right. Let's let -- not have -- they'll -- It isn't hard drive which George is really going to say. I think you know and he comes in mr. Clooney I'm all Georgia -- and I -- appreciate that and I thank you very much -- some cash for. It has been -- here are ready for you -- Oscar buzz and and things like that. -- -- -- arm wrestle this to be able to interview and he took down so he gets -- only having that happen. -- -- the milling crowd descendants to march when he -- the funnier you know. -- go back to work. You get another job well we're looking -- -- talking just a little bit you can he wanted to face -- -- because cocoa trust you.

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{"id":15328769,"title":"Clooney Joins George, Robin at 'GMA' Anchor Desk","duration":"1:08","description":"\"The Descendants\" star starts his morning, live on \"Good Morning America.\"","url":"/GMA/video/clooney-joins-george-robin-gma-anchor-desk-15328769","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}