Colorado Restaurant Staff Proudly Open-Carries Handguns

Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado, has gained popularity and scrutiny over its armed wait staff
7:29 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for Colorado Restaurant Staff Proudly Open-Carries Handguns
Good morning lower over starts the day with some blush. Fixes -- near perfect pair and puts on her sparkly belt but she is not fully dressed without -- bullets. And -- nine millimeter semi automatic. This is no way of life for Lauren 827 year old mother of four to the back of the students who start greens got a gun. Cool when green got this ten looks forward ready -- greens got a gun pointed out when the front site. Are you a good shot. -- so when she and her husband opened this restaurant a year ago when their hometown. I was your -- The gun theme seems totally natural Lauren took it one step further. I wanted to start hearing just for my protection this is my establishments I didn't see anything wrong with that. I began to having carry and then my -- my girl started to approach me ask -- -- -- advocated well. They call the place the shooters grill and of course where else do you expect to find a place called the shooters -- then. Right off the highway here in rifle Colorado. It is a very common thing here -- CB loving caring all the time we eleven rifle Colorado with a small town it's -- ranchers community it is like the old west out here. Nightline ventured to Colorado's western slope to check it out inside the place is packed and the waitresses. Packing what is the. And will bring Larry David yeah. Good kick of news time in his. But nothing that I -- And they are fully loaded is anybody there leaving small maybe we'll tell it like normal if they don't go anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's happening at the shooters grill is an offshoot of a controversial movement started in Texas to legally and openly carry guns in stores and restaurants. This is probably the safest corner in San Antonio right now but a growing number of national chains like target Starbucks chipotle chilies and Jack in the Box. Have asked customers to leave their weapons at home. This has only enrage the open carry movement. But here the concept is turned upside down instead of armed customers it's the employees. I have a right -- my firemen carry it or most of them you're not carrying right want to. You -- again. I would say this value the only person any -- the -- Armageddon. So you give the -- the two holdouts yeah. I've got there we haven't done them and they -- -- why not. -- The -- is so popular -- from Nashville Tennessee. This food sometimes sells out but most people we met didn't -- hundreds of miles for the burgers and from Nebraska. Featuring names like that walked nine -- the splits and -- what made you want coming in. And yeah. I firmly believe that. Education. And save the response would use the farm. Is perfectly fine and they society but is it all just a gimmick. My irons have nothing to do with amazing hamburgers because actually out of the food that we -- is is what started all this. Over the past few weeks Lawrence restaurant has gotten so much attention that a US marine supposedly called in with an offer to buy a gun. For any waitress that didn't have one. -- -- -- -- Thinking they might not have. -- -- Three days ago that it could pivot point. Of course not everyone is thrilled. From FaceBook and social media posts wishing harm to Lauren and her employees random phone calls at the restaurant. Shame on you want to actual hate mail and hope god punishes you for what -- -- doing. Hope that you and all your patrons will kill yourself. Pretty harsh that is pretty -- then there's Colorado itself which after all is a state that's seen its share of gun violence and massacre at Columbine High School. -- was the weekend before he was killed and two years ago Dave Hoover lost his nephew AJ Blake at this Aurora movie theater. 2:30 that evening went bad -- -- call my sister she calls screaming on the phone picked governments and what's what's going on patrol went wrong. This is on or ages of cities at the movies she's turn on the TV get up turn on the TV and that's when it. Oh my god. AJ was one of the twelve people killed that night. Hoover argues the shooters grill is glorifying gun culture. This is America there are allowed to do that but you can't -- the gun the gun will never be. The glamorous thing it's just an object. Hoover has been in law enforcement for three decades he worries that when shots ring out. More guns equals more confusion for police. I don't know which one's the bad guy which ones the good -- I know I'm gonna engage the most the ones closest to me and I hope to god that's the bad guy you never know. People in Colorado for example and like -- war families like column by families -- Think that this is sort of a normalization. Of guns in America which is -- this violent undertone to it. -- -- about it. But what was silent about law abiding citizens -- got a lot of people don't wanna be around firearms don't want their families around it. This is not necessarily normal everywhere I think it should be normal everywhere you know I think it should be a common play -- we have a lot less violent but that was. Lauren insists her employees and her customers are safe. Worried about my -- getting -- and they contend that firearm going off in -- restaurant. Most businesses nearby don't seem worried -- those guns but one shopkeeper across the street hopes the staff will know how to react if the worst happens. People who -- carrying them. Employees now another Lindsey training they're legally. Able to carry the guns -- Somebody happens to come in here. And test them. Take -- things. Okay. -- went there and ordered lunch today. Lawrence says all of our employees have to take classes and know how to handle their weapons. Even the local police chief says in -- -- things are different. I understand why some people from the outside may see this is a little bit odd but for here it's really quite normal they really stressed the classes no alcohol is served. So this business model that they have really fits in with the community and the burgers are good and the -- -- -- great. Could benefit all the national attention and non -- business not only for the restaurant but for a rifle has Lauren considering a possible franchise. It sounds exciting. Maybe we would get a couple more restaurants going before anything but I'm there's. There's been a lot of talk of it a lot of people calling I'm Lehman demanding it and it if it's actually kind of honoring that somebody wanted -- and what we have. Lauren and her shooters -- plan to keep on serving seconds. Right along with the Second Amendment. People call on all the time and tell me that that does not normal where they are and they would never patronized her restaurant like that. And I say thank you for your opinion that let you I'm Clayton send -- for Nightline in rifle Colorado.

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{"id":24661122,"title":"Colorado Restaurant Staff Proudly Open-Carries Handguns","duration":"7:29","description":"Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado, has gained popularity and scrutiny over its armed wait staff","url":"/GMA/video/colorado-restaurant-staff-proudly-open-carries-handguns-24661122","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}