Confessions of a Gold Scammer

Con artist James Campany explains how he cheated investors out of $29 million.
2:46 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Confessions of a Gold Scammer
The most promising victims of the gold -- were spotted through Google Earth satellite images. Matching phone leads to find victims -- the biggest homes and therefore the most money to invest in -- -- brokers peace and order to purchase announces that -- the -- It -- of the cold. But in reality there was no legal despite the legitimate looking transaction papers from the global bully on exchange. Lately -- completely -- a global bullion exchange was the invention of -- -- and who took us back to the now empty telephone boiler room in Florida. Where for three years his team of telemarketers. -- some 14100 people out of almost thirty million dollars. The easiest of marks can happen He said upper middle class business people left -- Eagles get the best of so you weren't targeting little ladies at all. Now we warn quite frankly goodwill ladies are a lot importers to Trenton a lot more skeptical. About making investments with people that they don't know the pitch worked off the falling stock market and the rising price of gold. Remarks today -- you live in the K you don't see what's happened with the price of metals you don't see what's happen with inflation. Wake up to this is an opportunity you can't pass up and that's what you would say -- attacked there you -- absolutely. They didn't hang -- most whom when you know. If you -- him on the phone that -- They were interest did and they -- and there was an answer for everything including I don't have the money. Sure you -- You have 401K. You have a stock portfolio. You have dead dogs that are not performing. The man who lives in this house in Hialeah Florida got lots of those calls. Dave Lundberg says He invested some 75000. Dollars with Japanese -- and company and kept going even after the value of his account began to drop. I did end up getting some considerable amount of money. Because I thought I thought if I invested more I would get the money back. He never will losing 75000. Dollars nor will the other investors. At the time the scheme collapsed and this place was shut down. The money was long gone. I think about it and we did these people have to live with pain cuts. So what are it's going to hurt for the rest of the hopefully this one way I can stop it from happening to anybody else.

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{"id":14822973,"title":"Confessions of a Gold Scammer","duration":"2:46","description":"Con artist James Campany explains how he cheated investors out of $29 million.","url":"/GMA/video/confessions-gold-scammer-14822973","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}