Did Bankers Really Win the Lotto?

Questions arise after press conference with bankers who claimed winning ticket.
3:21 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Did Bankers Really Win the Lotto?
This quarter billion dollar mystery this -- -- head scratching his -- three lottery winners in Connecticut yesterday 250. In dollar prize they said they were being -- most of it to charity but we've had a big twist overnight ABC's medical intrigue has been -- -- friend. Of one investors comes forward and says they're really covering for -- on them. Anonymous client of bears they didn't win at all -- the cover of the New York papers here three Richard Baker's getting even richer after weighing hundreds of millions of dollars in -- lottery. But the big -- they might not be winners -- -- -- It was one of those you have got to be kidding moments the winners were presented with a cash payout Shaq. About 104 million dollars today that is the after tax lump sum of course these winners know a thing or two about money they are well. Asset managers in Greenwich. -- -- smiling but sub -- Connecticut investment bankers clutching their 254. Million dollar powerball check. Awarded nearly a month after one of them purchased the winning ticket at a stamper gas station. -- -- -- -- -- In mysterious press conference yesterday their spokesperson said they formed a trust and would give most of the winnings away charities that mean. Probably number one of -- but now and in usual twist first reported by the Daily Mail overnight Tom Gladstone a longtime family friend of one of the trio says this was all an elaborate -- The real winner with one of the men's wealthy clients the bankers merely a front so that the true winner could remain anonymous. Reached by ABC news this morning Gladstone says one of the bankers had admitted to him that they claimed the winning ticket for their client saying quote these are Smart guys they want to turn the hundred million into three or 400 million he added that they were doing a service for an. The planned to keep all of this pride it's you've seen people prying into other people's lives. They want to protect their client but now they're facing questions like -- Purchases. And after that he -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Made me anyway. Married. Just isn't. Certainly getting. I don't this year I don't want to get into. Into the -- and there was -- vote but yet they tickets and those of the family. Gladstone who serves the realtor for the banker says he believes the real winner does not plan on following through with the pledge to give most of the 254 million dollars to charity. But -- wouldn't say how much of the winnings is actually gonna go to check. This is such a strange when -- but someone -- actually have to come forward and there could be some kind of fraud involved because I'm looking. We have Connecticut law here according to Connecticut law the name city and town. Of the grand prize winner shall be disclosed would make sense as to why they want to keep this anonymous client anonymous -- -- wanna come -- but again there's big legal question. Do they now have to come forward and say that highlighted the real winner have to actually come -- now we did try to -- -- -- these three. Winners and that's right they didn't return our calls as -- -- Connecticut lottery officials in return calls as well okay what an amazing story it really is we'll keep trying to get answers again thanks for me.

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{"id":15045850,"title":"Did Bankers Really Win the Lotto?","duration":"3:21","description":"Questions arise after press conference with bankers who claimed winning ticket.","url":"/GMA/video/connecticut-powerball-winners-wealth-managers-win-15045850","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}