Consumers Find Justice Through Social Media

Learn the best way to resolve your issues with a company through Twitter or Facebook.
2:15 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for Consumers Find Justice Through Social Media
cc1 Test message Test Text1 underliner. She takes credit for getting subway to dump a chemical from their bread all through a social media campaign. And taking complaints to social media seems to be working for lots of peep like 23-year-old Alexis Murphy. I've never had to make a phone call, a 1-800 phone call to customer service line or send an e-mail. I always resort to social media. Reporter: How many companies doou think you've tweeted? At least a hundred. Reporter: A hundred? About every company responds and solves the issue. In a 2013 study looking at the top 100 global companies on Twitter, 10% responded to consumers within an hour. 93% responded within 48 hours. And it's not just Twitter, over on instagram engagement among companies is up by 350% just in the last year. And don't count out Facebook just yet. Because 98% of companies have fan pages. Customers have all the cards and what they're find something that they can use a lot of these social media channels to try to get a better and faster response. Reporter: There are ways to help guarantee a response. Tip number one, find out if the companies have Twitter accounts, specifically for customer service and tweet those. For example, delta has @del @deltaassist. And tip number two, play mice. Come to them in a way you're expecting a good response and they're more likely to help you and not ignore you. Reporter: If they do, keep tweeting. It's happened to Alexis. You'll keep tweeting them. Watch out for Alexis. Reporter: For "Good morning America," gio Benitez, ABC news,

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{"id":24754609,"title":"Consumers Find Justice Through Social Media","duration":"2:15","description":"Learn the best way to resolve your issues with a company through Twitter or Facebook. ","url":"/GMA/video/consumers-find-justice-twitter-facebook-instagram-24754609","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}