Cookie Monster Spoofs 'I Love It'

In "Me Want It," "Sesame Street" character covers Icona Pop's hit song.
2:39 | 08/13/13

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Transcript for Cookie Monster Spoofs 'I Love It'
He wanted to. Let me know -- didn't win. It's. Something truly something he does. Brought -- you play. Using -- -- QB on the do you want to. Now -- -- self control something -- gone do you want. I'm -- in bed then what do you play. -- -- -- What do you -- Way why don't need way it. Great he waited long enough. All game. And I'm an army and ought not all I need them them them them them them.

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{"id":19950914,"title":"Cookie Monster Spoofs 'I Love It'","duration":"2:39","description":"In \"Me Want It,\" \"Sesame Street\" character covers Icona Pop's hit song.","url":"/GMA/video/cookie-monster-spoofs-love-19950914","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}