Cops Pepper Spray UC Davis Protesters

University officials are investigating the use of the spray on demonstrators.
2:45 | 11/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cops Pepper Spray UC Davis Protesters
That controversy over the campus cop caught on tape pepper spraying occupy demonstrators. During a standoff at the University of California Davis look at this videotape the video has now gone viral and the school is investigating. Speaking of Ron Claiborn he is here -- up this morning with more on this story -- -- Yeah good morning to you damn well in little more than 24 hours more than a million viewers have seen video -- what happened on the Davis campus of the University of California when police moved in to move out the occupied protesters what you're going to see is in the words of these schools chancellor. Chilling. As disobeying police orders to remove their -- from campus. The occupied UC Davis protesters linked arms. Then a university police officer wielding a can of pepper -- orders of the protesters to disperse. And any casualties raised the chemical irritant into their faces from close range. It felt like. My face with peeling off I didn't even -- it wasn't that way and some other students recorded and posted on YouTube -- become a viral sensation. The police officer had no reason. To spray those kids. Police in several cities have been using chemical -- against occupied movement protesters. From New York City to Oakland tear gas and pepper spray have been used to control crowds and -- -- demonstrators. Tear gas -- sprayed in the area and want people move away from. Pepper spray is to keep the people from being able to -- mount an attack here -- the police officers tried to disperse a crowd. Why would you incapacitate them UC Davis police justify -- actions on Saturday saying they had been surrounded by the protesters and feared for their safety. Stated repeatedly warned them that -- would be used -- -- After reviewing video of the incident the chancellor of UC Davis called the police action against the protesters. Chilling she ordered an investigation. I personally -- feet of newly -- by the about what happened to students and to hold an incident. As protests erupted again on the UC Davis campus of last night. The school's faculty association -- it was outrage for what -- called police brutality. And called on chancellor could -- -- to resign. And the schools chancellor had initially defended the campus police action last night he said after reviewing the video she finds it now sad and really inappropriate her words -- system a cryptically quote. I don't think it's appropriate for me to resign at this moment and meanwhile the occupy UC Davis protests are still going on.

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{"id":14991848,"title":"Cops Pepper Spray UC Davis Protesters","duration":"2:45","description":"University officials are investigating the use of the spray on demonstrators.","url":"/GMA/video/cops-pepper-spray-uc-davis-protesters-14991848","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}