6 Cops Hit in Shootout Near Salt Lake City

Pierre Thomas explains why gunfire erupted as one officer is left dead.
1:07 | 01/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 6 Cops Hit in Shootout Near Salt Lake City
Get right to the breaking news now six police officer shot overnight in Utah while serving a warrant in this city -- -- some forty miles north of Salt Lake City. One officer has died the five others very seriously wounded ABC's senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has been following the investigation from morning to -- -- Josh it was like a war zone the offices part of a drug task force we're trying to several -- at a home when gunfire erupted. Neighbors say it sounded like AK 47 rifles quick pops as many as forty shots being fired. When it was over six our offices have been hit the suspect who was also wounded took off trying to escape but didn't make it very far he was quoted in a backyard shed. Office who died was a father of two seven year veteran on the force. -- of his fellow officers -- in the hospital this morning with serious to critical injuries. This follows a deadly year in 2011. Last year officer fatalities were up 16%. And police killed by guns jumped a whopping 20% YS's happening -- to be blunt more suspects -- simply willing to take on police. 2012 -- no better Pierre Thomas reporting thank you for that here.

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{"id":15294882,"title":"6 Cops Hit in Shootout Near Salt Lake City","duration":"1:07","description":"Pierre Thomas explains why gunfire erupted as one officer is left dead.","url":"/GMA/video/cops-shot-shootout-salt-lake-city-15294882","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}