Navy Murders: Did Top Pilot Snap?

Victims' autopsies confirm three people were murdered, one committed suicide.
3:18 | 01/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Navy Murders: Did Top Pilot Snap?
As new details on the New Year's Day shooting -- left four people dead in California. Including two navy pilot's autopsy confirmed three of the victims were murdered the fourth one of the pilots -- apparent suicide. And the swindling for the first time how it all unfolded ABC's if you can hear it more in this really chilling story. It is chilling much more information emerging George an unnamed man has come -- to say he was with the victims that night standing outside the Condo when the shots were first fired. He's giving police a play by play account of what he says happened. Police aren't naming the man who survived the violent shooting in this Coronado California condominium. Saying only that he was responsible for calling for help. There was another series of gunshots. The individual who is remaining outside at that point called 91 ones. Investigators say the man didn't witness the shooting but may help provide a timeline of the hours leading up to the murders. Detectives no navy F eighteen fighter pilots David -- and Bob Reeves. Along with -- 24 year old sister Karen went to a party at this San Diego nightclub New Year's Eve. Where they met up with Matthew soccer -- a financial analyst. At some point the group returned to the Condo the pilot share a little after 2 AM David -- and the unnamed survivor we're standing outside talking. The other three were inside moments later. The gunshots -- Saying bang. Bang bang bang back. And about a -- in -- -- between first two on the list for. Police say -- ran inside they had more gunshots the front still outside -- to call 911. -- -- -- We have no eyewitnesses to what happened inside that residence we don't know what the motive was. 25 year old David -- was shot in the torso his sister Karen in the chest and head. Sad really was hit multiple times. Police say Bob -- committed suicide. We don't know who committed the homicides we won't know that once we get all the forensic evidence. Late Wednesday the bodies of Karen and David -- were moved to their hometown together. It was the family's wish that they be together at all times because they were. Almost inseparable. Sadr -- 31 year old father filed for divorce just four days before his death. His wife alana said the couple was working on the marriage. -- When is the most -- wonderful and best friend and father and it could ever have he was. Incredible friends and family are now wondering how three promising young life -- and so violently. And why lieutenant -- among the best pilots in the country could have taken his own life. It's rare to see a case a story like this among friends people who were successful. Don't expect to be Paul. In a murder they don't expect to live with the consequences either which is why a murder is followed by a suicide. Police say they found four guns inside the Condo but as he heard still no word on a possible motive in -- case services for David and Karen -- We'll be this weekend open of the public and Bakersfield. Yesterday -- group reported that -- was dating the pilot committed suicide we're now learning that that wasn't the case only adding to this mystery lecture as Andrea thanks very much.

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{"id":15295288,"title":"Navy Murders: Did Top Pilot Snap?","duration":"3:18","description":"Victims' autopsies confirm three people were murdered, one committed suicide.","url":"/GMA/video/coronado-navy-murders-top-pilot-snap-15295288","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}