Countdown to Iowa: Romney, Gingrich Neck and Neck

A poll released six days before first primary shows the frontrunners are tied.
2:30 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for Countdown to Iowa: Romney, Gingrich Neck and Neck
To politics your voice your vote sixty days to Iowa and a brand new poll overnight showing the two front runners there are neck and neck right now. ABC's Jonathan Karl is tracking the very latest on the race good morning to you Jonathan. Good morning Elizabeth will they took a short break for Christmas but now the sprint is on I count 25. Separate campaign events today alone as the candidates make the final push and I'll. -- the campaign buses its home stretch in Iowa Michelle Bachmann Rick Perry. Newt Gingrich are all motoring across the state starting today. Just three of them with seven to can't. It alone. As for Mitt Romney he's making the keys to Iowa Republicans with the new television ad. Portraying himself as a conservative business and it simpler and smaller and smarter there Romney starts the day off in New Hampshire. He'll be in Iowa tonight and is launching his own bus to work tomorrow. Latest national Gallup poll shows Newt Gingrich on top but just barely ahead of Romney and in New Hampshire which will vote just one week after Iowa. A new poll shows Romney with a commanding lead. Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul tied for second place long shot Rick Santorum did a little pheasant hunting an -- -- Iowa yesterday. And was the only one campaigning the day after Christmas -- picked up some key support from Christian conservatives in Iowa it is looking they weren't offset. I think we're doing pretty good over the Christmas holiday to candidates to clear. Troops no negative advertising. That truce officially broken Rick -- went first to go on the attack. Among them they've spent 63 years and congress leaving us with -- -- -- It's only opponent -- that doesn't attack in this. Romney -- like -- has not served Washington. Now Newt Gingrich has hit Romney hard over that health care bill that he passed. In Massachusetts but we learned late last night -- five years ago. Gingrich wrote a memo praising Romney's health care plan but after it was passed saying we agree entirely with governor Romney. Massachusetts leaders are to be commended. For coming up -- a bipartisan plan on health care. Now Elizabeth in this final stretch have to say in Iowa the race is completely -- in fact Republican leaders in the state say they have never seen it. This close and this much in question a week before the -- was model but an FB IRI and I -- -- much.

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{"id":15238290,"title":"Countdown to Iowa: Romney, Gingrich Neck and Neck","duration":"2:30","description":"A poll released six days before first primary shows the frontrunners are tied.","url":"/GMA/video/countdown-iowa-primary-mitt-romney-newt-gingrich-neck-15238290","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}