Countdown to Oscars: Costume Design Magic

Cameron Mathison learns how much work goes into creating many unique characters.
3:43 | 02/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Countdown to Oscars: Costume Design Magic
And we've been telling you about the stars behind the scenes -- make a movie magic. This morning that -- designers who helped -- actors into the characters you see on the screen from ordinary people to extraordinary creatures. Our Cameron mathison that one of the past. Her well designed -- soared with Tom Cruise in minority report. And remember Steve Carell in get Smart and turn around. She designed that -- to. The roll call -- from the -- -- that -- cell phones they don't know -- I am I know from my own career that putting on a good costume can be the key to getting into character. Well I'm not exactly Steve Carell -- -- my wife but mine outfit it sure looks good. Hush sure number and that's thanks to -- -- -- -- -- -- And that would -- the avatar argument -- storm films and I quickly learned what interviewing a costume designer. Really meant this is -- case where that case a fun day of play -- -- And -- yeah you're not as -- -- he is in real life. -- -- hey here's what's that I. Slowly getting their -- -- as a -- geared up I learned that all of the digital warrior designed avatar actually started out as handmade objects. As much as computers can do. You can't just. Drama wave moves -- you know looms so how did you. Given to the business of caution is I was attracted to cost him because I love -- hair there it's really about. Trying to define a person who is any particular time -- place. -- where is -- depth of talent more apparent. -- here well the wardrobe archives at fox student. Griffin film cost -- -- Victoria simply put this is the coolest walk in closet I've ever seen. This -- from big Tom Hanks rows and rows of legendary costumes hanging among them some Baghdad's finest. I've just come in here revisit old friend by old friends she means all the amazing characters she's helped me. A much at this tactic since -- from half hour Tom Cruise cost and for -- play and here are your. Oscar winning costumes from. -- who contend that an entire racks of costumes worn by Jack and. -- board and saved. Remember the stress. -- -- It's it's you know. And before I knew it it was time for more dressed up. -- like it and I have to say trying on these originals. This is literally from the Titanic was a pretty good time. How cool -- this -- the world. -- -- When -- time this is Constance. Preliminary report I was having a ball until -- brought me back to reality. I really get back there -- costume department is one that means they're dressing room Athens public go to the department amazing. Richard -- really. Well do you respond well lasted then because of the skill of debs god at least for a minute IQ -- felt like reading. King of the world -- baby.

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{"id":15765017,"title":"Countdown to Oscars: Costume Design Magic","duration":"3:43","description":"Cameron Mathison learns how much work goes into creating many unique characters.","url":"/GMA/video/countdown-oscars-costume-design-magic-15765017","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}