Country Music's King and Queen Continue Reign

Tim McGraw, Faith Hill collaborate on live show, fragrance for Valentine's Day.
2:16 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for Country Music's King and Queen Continue Reign
-- -- king and queen that Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are here with us live this morning together they have ruled the charts produced the highest grossing tour in country music history. Now about -- day just around the corner they're collaborating on a new -- show and -- new fragrance inspired by their incredible bond. We're gonna talk to them lie just a moment so excited to have -- But first let's take a a look at this dynamic TO. Country music -- Sweethearts Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. At -- seventy million in record sales eight grammys and 46 number one singles. -- -- twelve looks like it could be their hottest year yet. Tens album emotional traffic released in January as a megahit. And face a long awaited new album comes out later this year. And in between recording sessions this country rocking -- Smell success for the debut of their signature fragrance sold a sold. There is as a love story worthy of a country ballot. The boy from small town Louisiana. And the girl from star Mississippi. Net and -- -- while touring together in 1996. It's I mean honestly well there. This is way out among -- I still think she's where normally they got married later that same year. Fifteenth anniversary later it is obvious that both still -- about each other I really melt when I -- my husband. I -- a nuts and electric. So it's got up what I do. When the superstar couple is not on stage -- on the farm -- 900 acres where they're raising their three daughters -- kids love the morning times. -- get ready for school -- have been making its record he's been. He's been car -- -- Clad kids and what he's not on carpool duty kids also been appearing -- a string of hit movies. But he says he'll never hang up his guitar. When the memo I could have been from. Clearly this golden -- remains the country's.

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{"id":15537584,"title":"Country Music's King and Queen Continue Reign","duration":"2:16","description":"Tim McGraw, Faith Hill collaborate on live show, fragrance for Valentine's Day.","url":"/GMA/video/country-musics-king-queen-continue-reign-15537584","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}