Customs outage causes delays at airports

A two-hour outage in U.S. Customs and Border Protection's processing systems caused delays at some of the nation's biggest airports on New Year's Day.
1:59 | 01/02/18

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Transcript for Customs outage causes delays at airports
That nationwide computer outage that's caused trouble at airports all across the country. Look at these lines at customs at the end of the holiday travel rush and David Kerley is at dulles airport with the latest. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning, George. The latest many wave of arrivals coming in from customs, less than 12 hours ago at airports across the country, a rude welcoming when those customs computers went down and lines and waits got long. The lines grew long from Miami to Seattle when those computers went down. Angry, tired. Frustrated. Worst airport ever. Terrible. Reporter: Those customs kiosks not working according to some passengers. Nobody seems to know what's going on. Reporter: Meaning all international travelers coming into the U.S., many returning home, had to get in line, thousands of them and that's those lines grew so long. By the time we arrived they said for two hours the system was down so hundreds of people were just waiting and waiting. Reporter: The two-hour outage started at 7:30 last night. A customs and border protection spokesperson saying officers had to use backup procedures to screen all those arriving from overseas. The outage coming on new year's day. A day with heightened security. I would hope, I mean being from U.S. They will have a backup plan when something like that goes wrong. Reporter: In a statement the agency says the officers were able to access national security databases and process travelers, quote, as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest levels of security. The frustrating thing, nobody told us anything, why we were waiting. Reporter: Customs and border protection says it has no reason to believe something malicious caused its processing system to shut down. But this is not the first time this has happened. Customs and border protection has not told us whether last night's shutdown was related to the earlier ones. We're still waiting for word on that, George. But thank goodness they're able to solve it. Thanks very much.

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{"id":52093395,"title":"Customs outage causes delays at airports","duration":"1:59","description":"A two-hour outage in U.S. Customs and Border Protection's processing systems caused delays at some of the nation's biggest airports on New Year's Day.","url":"/GMA/video/customs-outage-delays-airports-52093395","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}