Cyndi Lauper Dishes on Memoir, Offers Advice to Stars

The '80s icon discusses the release of her new memoir, "Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir."
3:00 | 09/17/12

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Transcript for Cyndi Lauper Dishes on Memoir, Offers Advice to Stars
shall we? She's got one of the most distinctive voices. And she's telling a story in her new book "cyndi lauper, a memoir." First, here's a look at the hits that made her a household name. ♪ Girls wanna have fun ♪ Reporter: If we learned one THING IN THE '80s, IT WAS THAT When the working day was done -- ♪ girls want to have fun fun girls ♪ Reporter: Time after time, cyndi lauper's hit made us crank up a boombox and sing along ♪ time after time♪ Reporter: The grammy-award winning singer topped charts with hits like "all through the night" and "true colors." ♪ Reporter: Lauper released 11 albums and sold 14 million records. Not one to rest on her laurels, lauper was in collaboration with one of the best blues artists. She teamed up with mega star lady gaga helping to raise money for aids awareness. Now in her new book she reveals the details of ups and downs of stardom and her life as a pop superstar. One of my favorite albums in the world. "She's so unusual." Here she is, cyndi lauper, your book is terrific. It's very candid, you're very candid about even after "she's so unusual" that you struggled. Yeah, it's an impression after you achieve great success that it's kind of redeeming, it's redemption, but it's actually not. You know. It was interesting. You know, I lived through it and every time I did, I thought to myself, well, keep going. It will make a good book, you know. Finally got the right one. So I'm very excited about that. When you hear young artists like nicki minaj tell you that you are such a giant inspiration to them, how does that make you feel, the influence that you have? Well, I'm inspired by the younger audience, too. I think is that it goes both ways. I think that what you leave behind as it gets translated to the younger artists, it inspires you, too, you know. And you know, I love music, so i listen to whatever I can all the time. Yeah. I love in your book, and i totally forgot this that you played a terrific role on "mad about you." I loved reading behind the scenes. I forgot that you were nominated for an emmy for that. I won the emmy. You won the emmy for that. How much difference is it being a music star to a superstar? It was paul rice's show. And his writers were fantastic. And they wrote words that sounded to me could have originated out of my head. You know, I still do stuff on "bones." I love that. In the book, you talk about backstage doing an ethel merman impersonization. You were talking about your character of paul riser? Well, married and then divorced. But her voice came through this funny backstage impersonization? Yeah. The director turned around and says, that's her voice. And all of a sudden, she started to come to life. And as soon as I got rid of all the fear of not being good enough, you just relax into it. I think that the first time even -- yeah, the first time i was nervous about it. And the second time, I had so much fun. And that was the one I won the emmy for. But it was really them with that show, paul ricer, helen hunt. The wonderful directors that they had. I can't remember the director but he was awesome. Let me ask you about deckland. All these years you've been giving us terrific music. Motherhood. 15-year-old son now? Not yet, november. But you know, my husband is the strong arm of our family. So we have a peculiar kind of arrangement. But that's on the reality show. That will be aired in january. It's called "still so unusual. ." And the book is unusually delicious. Congratulatis on that. The reality show. Also writing for kinky booth on broadway. Reality show in october. And it comes to broadway april 4th at the hershfield. I just want to sing "girls

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{"id":17252691,"title":"Cyndi Lauper Dishes on Memoir, Offers Advice to Stars","duration":"3:00","description":"The '80s icon discusses the release of her new memoir, \"Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir.\"","url":"/GMA/video/cyndi-lauper-interview-singer-dishes-memoir-offers-advice-17252691","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}