Dads More Likely to Be Approved to Work From Home Than Moms

A study from Furman University revealed that 70 percent of participants would approve a dad’s request, vs. only 57 percent for mothers.
3:32 | 08/26/14

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Transcript for Dads More Likely to Be Approved to Work From Home Than Moms
index" with a study that will have people screaming at the TV screens from Furman university making a lot of waves right now and reveals dads who ask to work from home two days a week are viewed more favorably than moms who make the same exact request. Study shows nearly 70% of participants said they'd be likely or very likely to prove the dad under 57% say they'll do the same more mom. It's not a fair. A guy asks and you're going so great. But you know, it's not shocking. All of us kind of nodded in affirmation like, of course. No surprise. You know the feeling you get. I read the study and I was seething yet it's exactly that. Do they give a reason why they'd rather let men stay at home. It talks about likability in it and perceptions and that bosses perceive -- It's like women are trying to get out of something. The men are doing something extra. Not fair. We're not doing anything. No, exactly. Lazy. Nothing is going on. We want to hear from all of you. Would you want to work from home if you had the choice. Tweet us with the #socialsquare. Meredith is -- Are you writing this down for your show. Gravy, wrestling, stay at home. Check. Very busy morning here. Then we have an interesting question now. Would you let someone sponsor your wedding? It's an article from "" Highlighting what could be the next big thing. Weddings are so expensive and features a couple who they wanted to have a great day. They couldn't afford it so did just that and got companies to sponsor their 11-day honeymoon in exchange for logos slapped on everything from the bride's wedding dress to her husband's tux and says the goal is not to pay for any of their trip to Thailand and actually will not only pay for their trip to Thailand because, well, that's what it did. But they will donate a percentage of the money to charity. Their decision is sparking very big mixed reaction. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. I just couldn't. The charitable donation is a good thing. I feel like that's Vegas -- The bride is like turning around to walk down the aisle and it's like godaddy. You look back and go, look at what I did. However the bride somebody wrote that and the bride said, you know, it's a reality and a story for our kids. Oh, it's a story. You won't forget it. I can't believe that companies are paying for that. Well, they'll take the advertising any way they can get it. We're talking about it. We're here right now. All right. This is a great one. I love this. In the "Heat index" parents everywhere getting ready to send their kids back to school. A lot of people that may be a bittersweet moment for a lot of other people it's the most wonderful time of the year. Take a look at these moms with the glass half full approach. So where are we going. I got some errands to run. Without the kids that sounds really fun. The video is supposed to be called what's up mom. Back-to-school moms go wild and it's already approaching nearly 300,000 clicks. Brilliant advertising speaking of that for target because they go to target without their kis and it's like, yes. They're having fun. There's no screaming kids. No one is saying, mommy I want this. Bathroom. Really into this. Doing the happy dance. I'm sorry. One of my friends texted me and just dropped her off her son and said one down, one to go. But they always come back. They do. Don't they.

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{"id":25126147,"title":"Dads More Likely to Be Approved to Work From Home Than Moms","duration":"3:32","description":"A study from Furman University revealed that 70 percent of participants would approve a dad’s request, vs. only 57 percent for mothers.","url":"/GMA/video/dads-approved-work-home-moms-25126147","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}