Dan Wheldon Crash: IndyCar Tragedy Investigation

Ryan Owens reports on the latest in the fatal 15-car IndyCar pileup.
2:31 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Dan Wheldon Crash: IndyCar Tragedy Investigation
Autopsy results show that it was head injuries that killed that young driver meanwhile track officials are vowing. To figure out exactly what cause that chain reaction wreck that has stunned the racing world. The fiery debris the mangled metal is gone now but -- skid marks are still here. And so are many questions. What does this track too fast too crowded. Late Monday the -- -- president answered critics for the first time. People for -- -- -- in. In crashes. Have been here on many occasions and have looked at our facility. Very satisfied. The Las Vegas track is relatively small all my what I have all bull in a sense drivers are constantly turning. Compare that with the Indy 500 that -- is two and a half miles long more room for drivers to spread out. And to see in front of them. Is about as close as you can yeah. Actually going on the -- and something. Scott meadow has raised the biggest speedway countless times. He took us along for the ride on the virtual GT race simulator. He's racing 240. Miles an hour through the very terms that -- Dan Wheldon his life. The margin of error on this thing is nice enough and -- mean when you're gonna this video. It's more like you got thirty airplanes side by side. For a novice like -- it's almost impossible to stay on the track even when you're the only one on. Our. Still it is that speed that danger that two time Indy 500 winner craved. Just days before his death He told the show extra He couldn't wait to take on this challenging track. And I think it's gonna -- out. You don't want to add one thing because finest -- is outside of Indianapolis 500 now that race will be remembered for robbing this board of the champion. And this young family of their husband and father. Daniels won't erase it and yesterday it left just doing what -- -- to do. He's a true champion. -- gently moved on who to trust. IndyCar has promised a thorough investigation and the truth is there's no hurry here. The Las Vegas race was the last of the season the checkered flag will not drop again Robin. Until March.

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{"id":14759314,"title":"Dan Wheldon Crash: IndyCar Tragedy Investigation","duration":"2:31","description":"Ryan Owens reports on the latest in the fatal 15-car IndyCar pileup.","url":"/GMA/video/dan-wheldon-crash-indycar-tragedy-investigation-14759314","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}