First-Ever 'DWTS' Champ Reviews Season 16 Premiere

Kelly Monaco discusses performances by Zendaya, Jacoby Jones and Wynonna Judd.
4:49 | 03/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First-Ever 'DWTS' Champ Reviews Season 16 Premiere
But dancing and -- drama that those dreaded paddles. Return to primetime Monday night -- a little -- Sweat and tears. Country singer Kellie Pickler standing in the ballroom on fire with a White House tradition of a -- -- -- Yeah me out big box that wall -- Bachelor's low brought a little -- of the zone with a -- and -- -- and the budget you have a very effective they'll be thrust it. -- start -- -- -- marker pumped up the passion choosing contemporary dance. It was very. Meantime olympians are working Campbell and alleyways and then stripped of their gold medal -- -- has -- Well done I was -- -- boxer Victor Ortiz showed his softer soft spot. -- champ Jacoby Jones fancy footwork yeah. -- -- with the land and polarized in an -- reality TV star Lisa Bender pumped into her dance with the kids there was too much speculation about a melanoma but. But it was comedian Andy Dick -- DL -- who landed at the bottom. -- the leaderboard. Yeah. Saying yeah I and my -- -- -- -- routine -- her mother of tears and had her famous. Early -- and. Advancing the youngest contestant ever Disney stars and Diana who brought of the highest score. Love the -- -- -- -- chase for the mirror ball trophy heats up again. It. Is there did bailout by the -- we're so delighted. -- -- here thank you for having me we are watching and especially -- -- who you danced with yes and today that this could -- Fantastic. And I mean they blew me -- I think I think they blew everybody away they got aids I think they -- and having -- one bomb that our team. -- as one of the most amazing choreographers. And he's an excellent teacher. And diets and fantastic students so I think they're going to be in the last couple now lives in Tennessee in this foundation -- -- -- -- are very very quickly. I'm surprised you last night that it. -- time. I think. I Ng O Rodham rocker whose one hand from my general hospital co stars I think he's surprise to me he went out there and heat seeking temporary witches. Very hard an unknown into the bomber and -- on. And I thought he was amazing I know how nervous he lands and -- out there and just have the courage to do it alone. Good to go out there and actually I mean look at on means even his name. -- appreciate you say that the prayers go out there that it does take. Courage to step outside your comfort -- you know -- yeah I mean I hit myself why you have to. -- yeah I'd take a lot of courage you've put yourself -- -- really vulnerable position to be judged by not only the judges and America yourself singing that passed. Cameras to the challenge. And everybody did that last night Andy -- I thought lands. Amazing his back story is Daiwa's emotion on the audiences watching -- Is very he's a comeback kid this is a story I think America can get behind I think he's going to be -- -- -- A little -- Kelly Pickler pick up force one on the dance floor on magic there I. And he. I had therapies Kelly their chemistry is out of control her body is just -- you. Ceremonies are insane. And I had that there'd definitely in my top three. Who's gonna make -- and then. How important is the head and the assault Wynonna and her mom and sister there in the audience with -- it was a very sweet Dan. Sierra I mean I think it's really important supporter and whether it's your blood family her family and friends just to -- I'm not audience to support you. Or else all these things is really don't need anything you don't -- I actually. I appreciated my general hospital found making every single week to support me and my mom came out when she -- And and it's there's definitely hurt. And that means a comfort in having that there were cheering you on a solid and happy anniversary fifty year that it cannot. Press they had an Alley -- you always have a home here with -- sometimes it that a more dance with the stars tonight 98 essentially are in a museum or exclusive interviews. And behind the scenes highlights check out ABC -- brand new Dancing With The Stars radio station. All he tells Good Morning America dot com on --

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{"id":18762952,"title":"First-Ever 'DWTS' Champ Reviews Season 16 Premiere","duration":"4:49","description":"Kelly Monaco discusses performances by Zendaya, Jacoby Jones and Wynonna Judd.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-2013-kelly-monaco-dwts-champ-reviews-18762952","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}