'DWTS' 2012 Premiere: Exclusive Rehearsal Footage

"GMA" gets backstage access to workouts by Gavin DeGraw, Gladys Knight, others.
6:50 | 03/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' 2012 Premiere: Exclusive Rehearsal Footage
Now to the new battle that is about to start in the ballroom -- is the brand new season. Stars every premiere tonight we. Of the stars and boy there are many of them are -- their very first moves on the ballroom floor and Cameron mathison. The very latest on and off take him. Hey Josh that's right I shut down. Where it all twelve couples to find out who dreaded out Xstrata -- -- -- America's hearts. Tonight I also asked them who they think has got what it takes to make it all the way into the files. Right now in -- I'm having a panic could -- bit of panic but excited at -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Know. I feel a little bit out of my league. Because I don't have. Who me. Mike 55 -- part of your body hurts look my back my -- my belly. That same month bank it's got to -- the fact my hamstrings and lower caps. And these. -- -- -- -- -- Others will chop Chop Shop basic six eventually -- -- goes on on the -- you were talking of yes you're right. -- -- -- Good morning America's bought -- toppled symbolizing footage of the rehearsals on ipads iphones and monitors. There -- chemistry there is connection. -- -- Well I think it was a ball in -- -- my friend. This was you Wear jeans to size up the competition before tonight's premiere. Julio had this like this fun like facial energy thing on I didn't want to -- he had that you know those -- -- Kathryn missed just cheated whose beauty and elegance you still means paying. The copper and decide for months would be Julio and William and I do. Share that we can't underestimate -- torn Europe Katie he's standing back flip -- -- -- -- wanting to shares additions has to a basketball all black just as much. -- she didn't. -- white says he's lost ten pounds rehearsing so far William Levy dropped twelve pounds. This is really what America wants to know how many weeks before -- to be sure -- settlement. -- -- I mean if we have to doing this -- in the that's -- of course -- -- -- zone kind of carpenters in the moment you know sometimes but. If you -- football -- -- -- -- wore this helmet to show his devotion to the New York Giants it won't be part of this costume tonight. Never -- -- watching dance but Maria -- just grew up with serious leg problems. She never knew that -- you have to Wear leg braces as a child yep that's me never got super eights after. We -- you walk when I live. Personality from. Do you believe. -- We learned that even -- Katherine Jenkins is referred to as -- Opera star she insists she isn't I am a classical things I sing some opera arias but I don't actually performing -- -- -- -- and make albums and -- to -- a conference. This Saturday is -- -- -- -- 26 birthday. Good Morning America and Sherry -- -- -- celebrating -- -- I'm going -- on -- limb here everybody an -- say that this season is being number one best season ever for over all dance ability let's be honest. That's not always been the case this season though you will not be disappointed and Josh and -- nor will we all right camp thank you very much was Dancing With The Stars. It is a live two hour premiere. And it's tonight at 87.

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{"id":15952752,"title":"'DWTS' 2012 Premiere: Exclusive Rehearsal Footage","duration":"6:50","description":"\"GMA\" gets backstage access to workouts by Gavin DeGraw, Gladys Knight, others.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-dwts-2012-premiere-exclusive-rehearsal-footage-15952752","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}