Smirnoff Battles Through ER Visit for 'DWTS' Final Four

Pro dancer and Jacoby Jones added a "safety-first" dance move to adjust for the injury.
1:45 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for Smirnoff Battles Through ER Visit for 'DWTS' Final Four
-- moving but never meant it was indeed a lucky Lindy hop for Jacoby Jones -- -- -- not. Hours after this mishap in rehearsal center to the hospital. -- neck and John issue. That is -- that the it again -- straighten out as it is dead and smiling as now. And they came up. With the safety first routine adjustment technically -- the -- He wasn't the only -- -- Alongside -- basement of this fallout after -- -- -- -- Mark Ballas was nursing a sore lower back. Right down here of that but it is no Boehner damage and egress an -- right now don't have the time against. -- short hops he admitted to hurt you just trying to keep up with -- today. I ask is sometimes like did you just so you know pretend they tune -- -- you -- it's -- -- -- that bad next. These are all favorites to make it to the finals. Alongside -- tangling high scoring Kelly Pickler and -- -- -- -- -- Help to get this -- I saw him he better not mess up did she attended. That we -- we've got to get three T and. It could lead in the run -- blocker and he -- Johnson on the notes. The other -- -- -- Charleston proves the old sport can be a good sport. If we did make -- in the final -- upset somebody would be very upset me. -- and crystal in for Good Morning America.

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{"id":19174965,"title":"Smirnoff Battles Through ER Visit for 'DWTS' Final Four","duration":"1:45","description":"Pro dancer and Jacoby Jones added a \"safety-first\" dance move to adjust for the injury.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-final-karina-smirnoff-battles-er-visit-19174965","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}