'DWTS': Is Rob Kardashian the Kream of the Krop?

Rob Kardashian, normally overshadowed by his sisters, proves he can dance.
4:00 | 10/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS': Is Rob Kardashian the Kream of the Krop?
This season on Dancing With The Stars were saying a whole new side. To rob card that -- of the young man who was overshadowed by his famous sisters is really making a name for himself out there that ballroom. We -- GMA special contributor Cameron mathison to get an inside look at robs rehearsals -- morning camp. Good morning Robin yet keeping up with rob card -- Sheehan is not -- because. Is great dancers doing very well he's moving up the leaderboard week after week with his family. Right there behind him every step of the way and I got a sneak peek behind the scenes. Not even Kryptonite could have -- this -- dashing in from atop the leaderboard with his paso doble last week. Time to leave the small -- and tank called the well. I see this Superman paso doble I know I had -- -- and -- -- Yeah. Well -- I don't know I don't know what that we didn't dwell -- This season has given the youngest Kardashian a chance to break. Out of his shell and out of the shadow of his much -- system. Yeah. Yeah -- got me. I mean officially made it farther -- this -- to do it right I -- yeah she made -- mission ridge who is rumored to. Bar. There's really fun rivalry there. It's fine but at the end of the day she's not competitive says she doesn't have that like nature but it hasn't. All been about competition for overall during week -- dedicated this emotional fox trot. -- -- Six very mum and dad hasn't. Really -- me like. You know anything could happen I was fifteen years old and I couldn't even believe elect my world -- has been flipped upside down. It left his mother in tears. He says his family is his biggest support system and they have been there. After week your sister -- says that she is your number one fans didn't do any music coming pistol and I love the fact -- my family's there makes -- super comfortable but they all. They all get nervous doing things in my legs yet another -- reached the season's halfway toward his partner and two time champ Cheryl Burke is pushing him harder than ever since. I'm against c'mon you're familiar hits over half I don't -- I noticed there's little some parents learn. He did tonight and this is like the -- put a figure -- and -- but it could see it. The nation's right here He sounded but that's not all these clothes -- -- -- -- Kids in the room. I was super frustrated -- -- -- the stands and us. You gotta be sexy and I don't might consider myself sexy and you got insists that is really uncomfortable for me. I think you know just the carjacker BI made in the Pakistani -- -- -- me night and I'm there from Tupelo Oklahoma area is not certain I'm not totally clear I overlooked it -- -- And we got a first glimpse at the meeting on flashback. But obviously we can't shoot too much so stay -- I wanted to look you don't cut that you think we'll -- ago. What I'm talking about -- will be. -- Body eighties of course of course we -- two weeks ahead of them -- our 80s with a Good Morning America right guys. It is important as say that both rob and Sheryl were born in the mid eighties so thank goodness I was there to give a taste of what it was really like. Yeah looking forward to dancing the rumba tonight on dancing with the stars and hear that right born and He -- him on board behind him and I. -- -- Yeah big stick over the -- again and you can see more bar racks of tonight's business card because of the. --

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{"id":14752647,"title":"'DWTS': Is Rob Kardashian the Kream of the Krop?","duration":"4:00","description":"Rob Kardashian, normally overshadowed by his sisters, proves he can dance.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-rob-kardashian-kream-krop-14752647","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}