'DWTS' Finals: Backstage With Brooke Burke

Co-host of ABC's hit show gives "GMA" access to the final dancers' preparations.
3:45 | 11/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Finals: Backstage With Brooke Burke
It is now Dancing With The Stars time the final dance off Monday Tuesday -- -- the winner Wednesday of all the files live right here on GMA. -- annual after party cohost Brooke Burke -- they lived through that whirlwind. When she won -- mirror ball trophy and she took us behind the scenes of her life now morning to midnight as she prepares for this season's big finale. Yeah. By the time you see me parent my day is nearly over but it starts very early at 6:30 in the morning -- -- into the kids are so unique as crews to start waking up -- kids and getting them ready for school. I have Marquez at home. Waiting for my -- two to wake up my two little babies are sitting here. She's very happy headline in my house called hello and crash test. Stay alive says yeah. -- -- -- -- I'm a really hands on mom outside many other jobs that I -- on the CEO of modern mom and but also -- all of us your reading on my life as a -- -- -- TV series about how to get in shape. -- has had an hour for myself which I love to take work out. I have I have at 10 AM you read through this stretch and everything that we say a live show. And in this script. Just like -- -- it's good news is coming and yeah. Plummeted and then you know -- -- you'll -- I can't tear sheets and magazines and different makeup looks. To inspire us is that -- inspirational call -- her -- and the funny thing is fast. These clashes with totally natural. On the kind of audience yeah sometimes we do double layers of -- look amazing and that's -- -- process when it comes aboard after. -- not reflect -- Tuesday. Sometimes it looks -- in person doesn't -- -- and vice Versa and the producers have to approve it. And -- around an amendment guidelines have there been anything back in the control. When it got in the middle of the morning rob naming -- We have to get it if it got back and -- Yeah. Or print ads that EPA indicated that he if they note that. When doing full blown dress rehearsal just takes about two as workers went up and coming up empty dance -- it's an absolute. Remember the context on ad agency -- excellent -- C dot com everybody wants to help you. -- at my day is nearly over by the time we wrap our live show that I go to one more script meeting and -- I -- rash fat content of the bid him good night. And so like yeah perform -- -- from -- the one of them. I really really feel blessed to have this day but it's not taking it day by day. But his Monday show. I would like to take pictures of my shoes. Nobody ever gets to see them -- may ask -- what you need to do to get our hot spot that favorite here. That doesn't using. All the time and our act states no more -- on the show is live. For now draft. He has -- name.

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{"id":14981743,"title":"'DWTS' Finals: Backstage With Brooke Burke","duration":"3:45","description":"Co-host of ABC's hit show gives \"GMA\" access to the final dancers' preparations.","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-wit-stars-dwts-finals-backstage-brooke-burke-14981743","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}