Dangerous Flooding Follows Arctic Blast

Gio Benitez, Chris Knowles track the latest weather news across the country.
3:00 | 01/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dangerous Flooding Follows Arctic Blast
The number one myth of the flu, it's one we share and could put us at great risk. Right to the severe weather, dangerous flooding following the arctic blast. Gio benitez has the story. It seems we have every kind of winter weather, it's causing a mess. Look at the verizon center. A leak during the washington wizards game against the houston rockets causing an hour's worth of delays. It's a wet weekend everywhere. A fast-moving storm pounded the east coast, producing dangerous flooding conditions from new england to georgia. Look at this suv in florida on what was once a road beside the canal. And buffalo, new york, residents in 20 homes evacuated by bulldozer after the buffalo creek flooded the roadway. And in near by seneca, boats sent to rescue people. And in ohio, residents evacuated by fire fighters. Two people rescued from a car in flood waters. The warming temperatures causing flooding in low-lying areas. In atlanta, georgia, a 14-year-old girl trapped after strong winds sent a tree crashing through the roof of the mobile home. Delicate situation. We had to keep the tree stable so it didn't continue to fall. She is in the hospital in serious condition. In north carolina, up to 90 mile per hour winds causing condos under construction to collapse. The roof of this gun shop outside of charlotte, caved in by the downpours. I said we have to get out of here, the walls are coming in. Throughout the frozen zones, major ice jams pushing rivers over their banks and into streets and communities. Caving in this philadelphia parking lot after 13 gallons of water rushed in. And the good news is, it is much warmer than last week all over the country with that polar vortex. We saw it in chicago. 5 degrees is balmy. Not that we don't trust you, but we're going to get official word from chris knowles. Good morning. Good morning. We're going from severe to serene in the southeast, 58 in charlotte and drier. A nicer day for your sunday forecast. Look at the temperatures, still mild, 70 in orlando. That's the good news. But with the warmer temperatures, a little bit of bad news in new england, flood watches and warnings in effect. A flood threat. As geo witnessed, ice forms and has to melt. That's happening. Ice jams and river rises to be concerned with. Head out west for video, to portland, oregon. They have a wind problem. Look at the trees down all over the city with wind gusts last night calming down a little bit today. But still wind a problem in the west. Back out to the map now, continue to talk about the northwest and the other problem with the winds. Also some snow out there for the northwest. It'll be piling up. Now, into the inner mountain region. 70 mile an hour winds, and the snow, one to three feet coming up. The return of the polar vortex?

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{"id":21503608,"title":"Dangerous Flooding Follows Arctic Blast","duration":"3:00","description":"Gio Benitez, Chris Knowles track the latest weather news across the country.","url":"/GMA/video/dangerous-flooding-arctic-blast-21503608","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}