Daredevils to Attempt New Year's Eve Record Jump

Levi Lavallee and Robbie Maddison will attempt big jumps on New Year's Eve.
4:24 | 12/28/11

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Transcript for Daredevils to Attempt New Year's Eve Record Jump
So many ways to celebrate -- -- and I know to dare devils who decided to ring in 2012 in a very extreme high flying. Let's face it arguably questionable way so will they be celebrating with champagne. Or perhaps painkillers. Some people think New Year's -- Think the ball dropping in Times Square champagne. Others think about jumping 400 feet in the air on a motorcycle. Or a snowmobile. That's Levi -- on the snowmobile. And Robbie Madison matter on the motorcycle daredevil is both soaring through the air and taking the white -- the -- And its people can. -- jumping over entire football -- Can you. On. The -- replica in Las Vegas. World records as they go. No mistake this is -- for the -- of four. Take a look at what Bally's world record attempt. Cracked pelvis broken ribs. Hand -- -- -- somehow he not only recover. But today he's the right. And now this death defying -- is back looking for another world record. At the same time side by side this New Year's Eve. It's going to be like sexy cool things -- dirt bike is so real life in the air -- in -- It's never been done. I'm Dave join us now Robbie Madison leave -- -- and Steve again. He training there to do this -- a year ago. He took a bit of a nasty spill and -- back to do it again I suppose it it's just in the blood -- something you have to do. Yeah I mean that's part of for sure you know once you once you -- -- it was kind of goal to finish this project and -- now wasn't able to last year but this year around you know we definitely -- Went through every can make sure we have the best everything. We're got a new engine from -- which -- fuel injected so hopefully that eliminates the problem had last year I mean everything would mean from the ramp the -- everything is spot on I mean even. Body armor music from -- technology's -- world report from -- so I mean we went through every detail make sure it's good how are you feeling. Odd feel awesome you know as kind of a blessing in disguise and I yards sailed. And it took me out of my entire season which was kind of a good thing because -- lottery thing to heal up and don't feel better than I have in the last few years. Now -- -- you're the you're the veteran here you've done a few of these New Year's eves past how find out if this is something you can do. I think he got an -- -- available leaving himself a -- the when we sit -- done not the United Nations watching and and I you've got to take the ultimate risk for showed -- -- the level of confidence in -- you have to -- detecting -- but I mean when account with -- to do for these -- You gotta have that -- -- feeling like I and I know I can do this not just like I think I can do this or I hope. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- how do you guys train for something like us. How Whitley about being trainee in the lead up to this jump we had the huge -- we actually replicated what we've been going on years so we could kind of someone -- and it didn't hold exactly Cohen plans we haven't actually done -- movement doing and aren't. We got. I'm not stepson when we know what we need to do and are now selling -- kind of just totally shooting in the -- we we know exactly what we have to do and -- For many -- everything I had a hundred to 17100. -- 110 on ours is the gulf of Maine not thankfully by -- his condition -- him on -- side by side -- across -- -- So what's good what was the largest -- you tell you was that 360 one's authors. 61 -- my last jump in -- this year and then we started over and obviously we started shorter we've been building up and you know hopefully we can achieve a longer distance than that in San Diego -- so when you do in San Diego and you're gonna do it in San Diego -- going to be that. Next -- to improve upon it. That's the plan -- job. -- going to just keep talking Robbie Madison. The I don't know if I'm glad I'm talking to right now prior to this job you guys come back after police and we can discuss it without the guys didn't six to get you guys -- -- to you. I do this job they're going to the world record this Saturday night. Over on.

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{"id":15245963,"title":"Daredevils to Attempt New Year's Eve Record Jump","duration":"4:24","description":"Levi Lavallee and Robbie Maddison will attempt big jumps on New Year's Eve.","url":"/GMA/video/daredevils-attempt-years-eve-record-jump-15245963","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}