'Zero Dark Thirty' Sparks Controversy in Hollywood, Washington

John Muller reports on the opposition to the film's graphic torture scenes.
2:29 | 01/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Zero Dark Thirty' Sparks Controversy in Hollywood, Washington
The golden globes are tonight and awards have been considered a good indicator for the oscars but a controversy is brewing over one of the top contenders, "zero dark thirty," the director was snubbed and legendary actors are telling members not to cast ballots for it because of graphic scenes involving torture. Abc's john muller is here with more. Good morning, bllg. There is no doubt "zero dark thirty" is the most controversial film of award season. Now, opponents say glorifies the torture of terror suspects and some sources are claiming that got major celebrity backup. When was the last time you saw bin laden? Reporter: It seems like this one depicting the role of enhanced interrogation techniques that have martin sheen and ed asner reportedly joining the backlash against best picture nominee "zero dark thirty." I am bad news. I'm going to break you. Reporter: Sheen, asner and others are asking fellow academy members to send "zero dark thirty" with zero oscars. You can't separate artistry and morality and I hope my fell le members of the academy will will consider the morality of each nominee. The more people like martin sheen or recognize names that have become a part of it the more it is on people's minds as they get ready to vote. Reporter: On friday, the studio sony pictures jumped to the film's defense releasing this statement ""zero dark thirty" does not advocate torture. To not include that part of history would have been irresponsible and inaccurate." There are people who are very upset about it and there are people who can't understand why anyone is upset about it at all. We generally expect different things. Reporter: It was directed by kathryn bigelow and it's long been plagued by controversy. During it congressional members did not like how much information was given to filmmakers. To my knowledge I never received any. Reporter: Throughout the opening weekend fans and stars alike were greeted by orange jumpsuited protesters. They're hoping they won't wipe them out come oscar night. It's causing people to take sides, media critics even the acting director of the cia weighing in. It's not hurting sales at the box office of t. It is on track to make $25 million this weekend.

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{"id":18201740,"title":"'Zero Dark Thirty' Sparks Controversy in Hollywood, Washington","duration":"2:29","description":"John Muller reports on the opposition to the film's graphic torture scenes.","url":"/GMA/video/dark-thirty-sparks-controversy-hollywood-washington-18201740","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}