Day Care Murder Trial: Alleged Affair in Spotlight

Dan Abrams discusses the murder trial of Hemy Neuman.
1:55 | 02/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Day Care Murder Trial: Alleged Affair in Spotlight
Let's -- the bottom of some of -- -- Andrea snyderman her name keeps coming up again and again and again what's going on. What the prosecution is trying to use that relationship to say that's the mode that they were an intense relationship. That was his motive to kill. The defense is now gonna say that relationship was so intense. That he was manipulated. A psychologically such that he didn't understand. Right from wrong. So you've got both sides saying there was a relationship from she's denying there was a relationship but I can tell you there's no question in my mind the forties looked into her as well. Because they had quit their questions about what she knew and when she knew it but it's not a crime. For her to -- for example suspected. He might have done something or not gone to the police right away. Both of which the police think may have been the case this thing to have suspicions another thing to have evidence -- evidently. They did not for the prosecution. It's wrapped up its case everything -- -- that they did -- it's very strong case to -- he's admitting. -- that he committed to shooting but but most importantly regard to this insanity defense again remember that the defense has to prove. Insanity the prosecution has been able to establish that he wore -- disguise that he tried to cover his tracks that he lied to the authorities after the fact. All of that they would say shows he understood. What he did was wrong. And that's the key to this case which is when you're talking about insanity defense insanity defenses are really really hard to win. Not only because the defendant has the burden as opposed to the prosecution. Because juries tend to be very reluctant to accept the notion that someone didn't understand right from wrong that is. Because most people look at a case like this and they see Syria -- someone basically admitting that they shot someone. And the idea that there -- -- sort of demons deep directing what they do was very hard for jurors to accept especially here Olivia Newton-John very wide it seems so a bit bizarre next so they've got a big uphill battle here for the defense now. What are they gonna do they're gonna focus. On Andrea stuff they're gonna say this relationship was a bizarre relationship it was an intense relationship they're gonna -- bring in psychological experts etc. but. This -- really tough to demonstrate that he literally. Did not understand that what he was doing was wrong because the prosecutors say -- -- -- understand what he was doing was wrong. Why -- you just admit it then right after the fact. Why did he try and aware disguise -- trying to cover up what he was -- -- -- so that's what makes this such a hard case even harder I would say. Then many insanity people here but the insanity defense and I think some people of this impression that people get off all the time they don't -- almost never win. In these insanity runs thanks so much that Iran has always appreciated.

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{"id":15815275,"title":"Day Care Murder Trial: Alleged Affair in Spotlight","duration":"1:55","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the murder trial of Hemy Neuman.","url":"/GMA/video/day-care-murder-trial-alleged-affair-spotlight-15815275","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}