Day Care Murder Trial: Jury Deliberates

The defense claims the victim's wife drove Hemy Neuman to kill.
2:43 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Day Care Murder Trial: Jury Deliberates
-- of the dramatic closing arguments -- the day -- murder trial that is the case you've been covering of the Georgia man who killed a young father bringing his kids to preschool. The defense says he was driven mad by the victim's wife. But those closing arguments the prosecution painted him as a cold blooded and methodical killer ABC's -- -- him he tells good morning Andrea. Morning -- it was just a courtroom full of passion yesterday it was it was kind of crazy almost like something you'd see on television. -- -- Newman is pleading insanity but the prosecution says he planned the murder for months. The defense's strategy placing all the blame on the victim's widow saying she drove -- Newman to kill. That if there was a picture of evil in the dictionary it would be her face. -- in a case detailing obsession alleged infidelity angels and Tina's. Fireworks took center stage in -- Georgia courtroom Tuesday. Sports space as both sides made their closing arguments the -- yeah it was a -- anymore he saw him. Ski resort style millionaires they're no reasonable doubt that he intended to kill him he intended to give him any bad behavior. Penny Newman has confessed to killing rusty snyderman but the question for the jury his state of mind and he's crazy. -- -- -- New -- -- an Angel with the voice of Olivia Newton-John and a demon with the voice of Barry White encouraged him -- hill gunned down rusty -- outside his daycare in 2010. But new defense claims the real demon is this woman Andrea snyderman. The victim's widow and Newman's alleged lover. Though she denies the affair. Andrea Snyder. What about somebody that is an adulterer entities. And -- calculator. And I -- a master manipulator. But the prosecution claims knew -- knew exactly what he was doing he wanted his wife. Because he wanted his money -- -- wanted his life. With the victim's father Don Snyder man in court the prosecution made a passionate plea to the jury now deciding -- states. -- -- -- this to us. And they -- happy to marry. The -- Gall to call. And even though she denies that both sides believe -- Andrea snyderman did have an affair with the defendant -- Newman. Prosecute these prosecutors even went so far as to call her -- co conspirator in her husband's murder but we have to remember she has not been charged with any crime. For those really were powerful passionate arguments it's much.

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{"id":15917407,"title":"Day Care Murder Trial: Jury Deliberates","duration":"2:43","description":"The defense claims the victim's wife drove Hemy Neuman to kill.","url":"/GMA/video/day-care-murder-trial-hemy-neuman-closing-arguments-15917407","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}