Daycare Murder Trial: Is Executive Really Insane?

Hemy Neuman says a devil told him to kill Rusty Sneiderman.
1:14 | 02/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Daycare Murder Trial: Is Executive Really Insane?
-- move now to that other bizarre murder trial. The killer gunned down a romantic rival but he's claiming insanity saying the devils who look like Barry White and Olivia Newton-John told him to -- And she's entertaining joins us with the strange story. This one's very strange George good morning. Well the suspect Tammy Newman was a top manager of thousands of employees of employees highly intelligent one of those employees -- Andrea -- -- the wife. Of the man he admits to gunning down. His attorneys say he did it because he suffers from mental illness. The prosecutors say that's all just an act that he wanted rusty Snyder -- out of the way so he could be with the woman he -- -- -- -- angels and two famous singers took center stage in heavy Newman's murder trial Tuesday in the defendant claims. That he has visited. Since -- are -- look sound like area. New -- lawyers say in the months before killing rusty snyderman. The 48 year old engineer was visited by that demon as well as an Angel with the face of Olivia Newton-John. -- -- -- Rusty it was going to horror. You'll. He -- news is she old -- The defense team says their client suffers from mental illness for prosecutors say Newman isn't delusional. Instead they say he had a cold blooded planned to kill rusty snyderman as he dropped off his two year old son at this Georgia daycare in 2010. As rusty Watson's -- -- -- Three times shot to death prosecutors say because Newman was having an affair with -- man's wife Andrea and was obsessed with her. Just eight days before the murder they say rusty snyderman called 911 after spotting Newman at the couple's home. There's a man who is sleeping in my backyard he's running I think you -- a gun and went back pocket. Now he's running away. On the stand Tuesday -- snyderman broke down. And denied having an affair. And of those feelings -- -- returns. And I mean I completely -- But in a bizarre twist a divorce lawyer for Newman's estranged wife tells ABC news she believes injuries snyderman is lying. And that she has proof of the affair including email exchanges and try. Apple records there will be a parade of witnesses who will corroborate that they're actually was an affair. Now knowing about laundry snyderman has not told the truth about it. The defense also claims that Andrea snyderman is inconsistent feelings toward -- only contributed to his erratic behavior. He has pleaded guilty by reason of insanity Robin.

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{"id":15764688,"title":"Daycare Murder Trial: Is Executive Really Insane?","duration":"1:14","description":"Hemy Neuman says a devil told him to kill Rusty Sneiderman.","url":"/GMA/video/daycare-murder-trial-executive-insane-15764688","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}