Daycare Murder Verdict: Guilty, But Mentally Ill

A jury found Hemy Neumann guilty of murder.
1:34 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Daycare Murder Verdict: Guilty, But Mentally Ill
-- -- the verdict in the so called day care murder trial in Georgia Jimmy Newman found guilty of murder on Thursday for gunning down. His alleged romantic rival after claiming that spirits in the form of Olivia Newton -- and Barry White inspired him to kill. ABC's Andrea canning has all the details -- what's good morning -- Good morning Robin the prosecution fought hard to prove -- Newman was a calculated killer and not insane when he shot rusty snyderman. But the jury did find he was mentally ill at the time of the crime he will now serve life without parole in prison. Not time in a mental health facility as the defense had hoped. The jury has reached a verdict as Henry Newman sat frozen at the jury for woman's voice broke as she read the verdict count one. We the jury find the defendant accident -- line. Guilty beyond a reasonable well. But mentally ill. Newman closed his eyes he had hoped for not guilty by reason of insanity. Claiming an Angel with the voice of Olivia Newton-John ordered him to kill rusty snyderman. The husband of the woman he was in love went before sentencing Newman read a statement fighting back tears apologizing to the snyderman is and his own family. -- -- So it was so so sorry. Rusty -- -- brother Steve also addressed the court while his family wept today the -- -- that Kuwait is almost unbearable. We look to this court to provide us with some small measure of comfort in knowing that this man. -- convicted of killing rusty snyderman will never walk among us again. The prosecution called injuries snyderman trustees' widow -- -- alleged lover co conspirator and all this and the defense said she drove Newman to insanity. He claimed angels and demons told -- her children were his own and he needed to protect them from rusty. The prosecution called him a -- and even his own wife broker silence Thursday to the Atlanta journal constitution. Saying quote he's not crazy he's a fake -- he did something so bad he has to pay for it. I have no mercy not for him even after the verdict was read the defense continued to place blame on Andrea snyderman she -- -- How she wanted her husband. Murdered. And that she manipulated. Handy to have that done but the jury did believe he was mentally ill Newman will now receive mental health treatment in prison. The judge had these final words. You have indicated -- you -- -- for the tragedy and -- always respond to find -- jury there and have heard this situation brought about. Your hands. Andrea -- man has of course been vilified throughout this trial but never charged her attorney released a statement saying in part Andrea is grateful for and relieved by the jury's guilty verdict and the sentence. Nothing can bring back her husband but it is reassuring to her that after all of the noise and distractions surrounding this case. Some measure of justice has been done and and we mentioned this before there is some chatter that she could still face some problems with us -- we're gonna talk about the expansion thank you.

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{"id":15934783,"title":"Daycare Murder Verdict: Guilty, But Mentally Ill","duration":"1:34","description":"A jury found Hemy Neumann guilty of murder.","url":"/GMA/video/daycare-murder-trial-verdict-guilty-mentally-ill-15934783","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}