Deadly Plane Crash in Connecticut Neighborhood

Family inside the homes, including two young children, were killed.
2:17 | 08/10/13

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Transcript for Deadly Plane Crash in Connecticut Neighborhood
As the years are returning this morning to a quiet neighborhood in Connecticut. Where a disaster played out on Friday afternoon a small plane crashing -- -- two homes. Inside at one of those houses two young children. ABC's Lindsay Janice is on the scene in east haven Connecticut Lindsey good morning. Good morning -- the people of this small community that sits right alongside a -- say this is one of their worst. Fears come true and rest. -- -- searched through the nights -- covering four bodies including two children who were inside one of the homes crushed by a small plane they came crashing out of the sky. -- One of its wings that slicing through an upstairs bedroom where neighbors say a one year old -- a thirteen year old may have -- -- -- -- -- And one wing went through one house -- weighing on the left side of playing badly needed through the bedroom where two children. Within seconds of the crash their mother could be heard screaming on the front -- she said my two children are and how fast -- they -- she's upstairs and went upstairs and now. Over the -- even flipped over -- looked in the closet and not find anybody neighbors say it's a nightmare come true I was always afraid of the wings. -- based company and -- -- Iraq crash Sunday. Overnight the pilots been identified as bill -- -- visiting colleges with his seventeen year old son Max. It was not the former Microsoft executives first scraps. In 2009. He and his mother were rescued from a Washington State river after the plane he was piloting had engine trouble. What caused his plane to crash on Friday at roughly a mile before the -- remains a mystery. Just two minutes before the crash headings guard told air traffic controllers that despite the weather he had the runway insights. It really great visual -- -- airport. -- didn't give -- okay. Moments later the cockpit of his twin engine plane was in flames having appears to. -- floors of this home and into its basements. The -- all the bodies have been recovered investigators are returning to the scene behind me this morning to try to figure out how. And why this happens. -- -- Such devastation for that mother who lost two of her children all right -- our thanks to you.

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{"id":19924313,"title":"Deadly Plane Crash in Connecticut Neighborhood","duration":"2:17","description":"Family inside the homes, including two young children, were killed.","url":"/GMA/video/deadly-plane-crash-connecticut-neighborhood-19924313","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}