Deals and steals: Outdoor summer fun

Tory Johnson shares an array of products for summer starting at just $6 and up to 60 percent off.
4:56 | 06/08/17

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Transcript for Deals and steals: Outdoor summer fun
Johnson is here with great summer bargains starting at just 6 bucks so let's get started. If you have not yet thought about father's day we've got you covered on that too. First to the big balloons. Big love ball. Those are big balls. Those are very big. Very big. Big love balls. We love these. We lovule love. So we've got a variety of sizes from one foot to five feet. This is our five-foot ball. Hy does one need a ball this big? A wedding, event, parade, party or just for fun. Put that on your front lawn and it's going to be fun. They also have the new big love buttons. I love these. I put all of these on this bag. I walked up six blocks and I got 14 compliments. For everyone that complimented me I took one off and gave it to them. Big variety ranging from $15 to $120 depending on what you get. Everything is cut by at least 50%, so $6 to $60. Awesome. Here's something that I find myself wearing every day. Okay, rbx active wear, a variety of pieces. In fact, we borrowed two people from our audience to help us, Kathy and Tony. They look fabulous. Rbx really is a great fit for men and women a variety of sizes, small to 3x. A variety of tops, bottom. Feels nice. Super easy, great prints. Everything has kind of special details. So whether it's a little mesh insert or a racer back, whatever it is, there's a huge assortment online. Normally these pieces, very affordable, range from $23 to $38, but we've slashed everything in half. So $11.50 to $19. Look good feel good. When you look good you're more likely to work out. You got it. This is making me feel good. Omaha steaks. Three packages. All of them include a meat, potato and a meatball. You've got a little bit of everything. There's a potato and a dessert in every offering as well. Big package, the 30-ounce t-bone steak. Omaha's got something for everybody. Normally these range from $80 to $140. They're all slashed more than half. $39 to $59. That's a great, great deal. After you're done grilling there's cleanup, right? Right. Grillbot is the automatic grill cleaning robot. I have never seen this before. Is it the Zumba or the roomba? Yes. It push a button. It does all the work for you depending on what you need and it has a timer so it does everything for you. You don't even have to think about it. You'll get the device as well as three brush replacements. Normally $135. These are slashed in half, $67.50 for the set and three cleanings. Total bags. These are really cool. When you're at the beach or a picnic and you're on grass or sand, you don't want your drinks to spill. These are specifically designed to balance your drink. Wow, great idea. Whether it's grass, sand, concrete, when you're not using them, they're great. For snacks too. For kids everywhere. Exactly. They stack easily to throw into a beach bag or when you put them away in your cabinet. Normally $20, these are slashed in half, 10 bucks and free shipping from turtle back. Fantastic. And then finally, we've got yellow leaf hammocks, all hand woven. Look who we have here. Do you want me to feed you? Comfortable? Is that comfortable? This is so amazing. I love when I ask a question after I stick a rice ball in her mouth. It's comfy, right? It's so comfortable. She can't talk. She says it's really comfortable. Yeah, she is, exactly. You can go like that. What I love about yellow leaf is everything is hand woven, signed by the artisan. The colors will not fade when you leave them outside. Really? I love that. That I love. Three options to choose from. There's a single chair hammock for one person. There's also then styles for two people -- Super soft. That's good. There's a style for two people and also a size for a family. Cool. Up to 550 pounds. These range from -- rice balls not included. That's the Omaha deal. These range from $169 to 299 slashed in half. That's a great deal. All right, thank you so much. Wait, time for another one here? All right, thank you, Tory. Everyone's going home by the way with those love pins from big love balls and turtle back cup holders. Are you guys excited about that? All right. We have partnered with all these companies on these great deals and you can get all of those details on our website.

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{"id":47902953,"title":"Deals and steals: Outdoor summer fun ","duration":"4:56","description":"Tory Johnson shares an array of products for summer starting at just $6 and up to 60 percent off.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-outdoor-summer-fun-47902953","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}