Demi Moore Health Scare: Rumors of Substance Abuse

Michelle Tan discusses why the star was rushed to the emergency room.
2:31 | 01/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Demi Moore Health Scare: Rumors of Substance Abuse
We're joined now by. Michelle tan senior editor. At People Magazine good to have you here thank you very much Michelle we just -- what Andrew said about what you are reporting in your magazine about prescription drug -- what more can you tell us. Well what we're learning fat friends -- Nelson does have a percent. Prescription drug -- problem and this is not something that stemmed from the divorce this is actually contributing factor to the demise of their -- elect a lot of -- -- alleged affairs and so -- was concerned about. This a net net and we didn't know about this prior absolutely -- was concerned it also friends and family -- so actually what we're seeing is that. This marriage was -- for very long time and we solve the pictures of her daughter rumor her -- oldest daughter -- course distraught and very. Much concern and but we saw them also a few weeks ago they were. Out and everyone thought well maybe this is a good sign maybe this is yet to be moving -- absolutely will rumor has actually been a pillar of strength for Demi -- -- this process. Damon happy had a really great time doing Alley pat and dang thing golden -- Cincinnati party circuit but then they -- happen and of course rumors there by -- side. Ashton says in Brazil as everybody has been reporting is there any reaction that -- I know that he's gone pretty much Twitter silent and he -- he -- over his account. To other people yet but is there anything that he's been saying it's really unclear whether or not even aware that ominous is happening -- and staff members. Doing a fashion shoot firm brand there and he's been really living it out partying going out with miles he hasn't -- to Twitter to -- thing and two million cleared he even knows if there's a struggle going on -- to me and then she has long not. Tweeted anything I think January 7 was the last times. She went on Twitter but more about the family she has three daughters she. You know Bruce Willis has been very much a part of their lives so. How is the family coping with all this while precise it's always -- -- even after the divorce and he was probably step up during this but again rumor has been there and daughters will be there to support her. Family and friends are really -- around and they're hoping she's gonna get the help that you really need and the vast majority of people are supporting her Michelle arrived there they don't want -- but there is especially online there are a number of people that are -- saying okay you're rich or famous you know. And exhaustion what do you that they -- but not much sympathy there but the vast majority people do understand right now actually and I'm -- -- -- you can have millions of dollars but it really boils down to what your own self -- is and clearly this is a woman who are struggling with that and -- -- got to this point where she's at a fork in the right where she'd have to get professional help but can continue -- -- -- -- he has an -- -- the statement that she made him in the recent publication. Really if you look a little insight -- be facing right now Michelle thank you thank you very much -- -- that.

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{"id":15446128,"title":"Demi Moore Health Scare: Rumors of Substance Abuse","duration":"2:31","description":"Michelle Tan discusses why the star was rushed to the emergency room. ","url":"/GMA/video/demi-moore-health-scare-rumors-substance-abuse-whip-its-15446128","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}