Demi Moore's Health Scare

The actress was reportedly rushed to the hospital for suspected substance abuse.
2:52 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Demi Moore's Health Scare
More now on to -- -- -- health scare paramedics reportedly responded tonight on one called the actress' home last night. According to TMC she was rushed to hospital for suspected. Substance abuse but more -- reps say she seeking professional help to treat exhaustion and improve her overall health. It's been quite a few months for the star in some. Some have their perspective on -- we're going to be joined now by ABC consultant in PR expert Howard Bragman Howard. What do you make of all this and how would you handle this very public. Call in hospitalization. What the number one thing you -- to do during these horribly public moments is trying to get a moment of privacy because the first and most important thing is not making sure of the tabloids know what's going on. But really attending to the -- Demi Moore and making sure that. He the issue she has -- resolved and she has the time in the privacy in this space to deal with what she needs to be aware floor. Do you think she'll be able to recover from whatever that is in private. You know I'd like to think so I think she may have a few weeks of privacy but you know how the machine works -- Hollywood the next time she's out doing interviews and promoting a movie. People are gonna say what happened whom were precipitated. It. Where did you go what drugs -- yard you know people ask every question that you could ever imagine. And she's gonna have to come up with some answers for that but I hope for the moment that she has that the time in the space in the privacy to really attend to her. Absolutely she deserves -- and let me ask you -- speaking of interviews and and being out doing movies does this hurt her career in your opinion. -- the answer is a definite yes -- -- certainly she just dropped out of a cameo of Lovelace. So in the short term it -- her I don't think -- hurt her in the long term because I think. She's a really fine actor and everybody knows that but she's also contending with the fact that she's going to be fifty this year and for a woman in Hollywood. There's a lot less -- than there are when you're 25 or thirty. -- unfortunately that is trail -- let me ask you really quickly what do you make. -- -- her transformation that lot's been said about weight loss dvd are we making more literate is the -- making more of it wouldn't what do you make it. We've -- certainly seen her face looking a little gone. And one doesn't know if the stresses and and the divorce precipitated the -- of the change precipitated the stress and divorce. But obviously she's manifesting from the stuff she's going through right now. By losing some weight and like to see her a little more robust a little healthier looking and a lot of people in Hollywood report for her yeah really she's really a good person and where there for her. -- we as we are as well Howard Bragman we thank you for your perspective. And we certainly wish to -- mourn the very fast Josh.

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{"id":15437946,"title":"Demi Moore's Health Scare","duration":"2:52","description":"The actress was reportedly rushed to the hospital for suspected substance abuse.","url":"/GMA/video/demi-moores-health-scare-substance-abuse-suspected-15437946","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}