New details emerge in Mark Wahlberg pay disparity controversy

Wahlberg reportedly refused to approve Christopher Plummer as a replacement for Kevin Spacey in "All the Money in the World" until his $1.5 million demand was met, according to USA Today.
2:48 | 01/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New details emerge in Mark Wahlberg pay disparity controversy
We are back with those new details and a report about mark Wahlberg's demands to reshoot that film "All the money in the world" raising questions about the pay gap between him and his female co-star Michelle Williams and Diane Macedo has the latest. Quite a big pay gap. Wahlberg was paid 1.5 million while Williams made less than a thousand dollars and now we're learning why. Wahlberg reportedly had co-star approval in his contract so when it came time to approve Kevin spacey's replacement he used that to his advantage, big time. Do not have the money to spare. Reporter: Overnight another scandal surround Ridley Scott's kidnapping drama "All the money in the world." I don't have any money. Reporter: "Usa today" reports that Mark Wahlberg refused to approve Christopher plummer as the last-minute replacement for Kevin spacey unless Wahlberg was paid $1.5 million to reshoot his scenes. Wahlberg's lawyer reportedly vetoed plumber until the demand for the million plus was met. But that payment has become the source of controversy after it was reported that Wahlberg was paid over a thousand types more for the reshoot than Michelle Williams. Williams who is nominated for a golden globe for her role in the film was paid just $80 a day. Is this some kind of joke. Reporter: In order to be ready for award shows season it had to start nine days after spacey was accused of sexual misconduct by several men. So Williams said she did everything she could to make it happen. I received a phone call from a producer. He said please don't talk to anybody about this. We're still trying to hatch this. We'll know in the next 24 hours if we can pull it off but would you if we could? And I said not only would I, but I'll give you back my salary if that would help and I'll give you my Thanksgiving break if that would help. Reporter: "Usa today" reports Williams wasn't told that Wahlberg's team had negotiated the hefty reshoot fee for them. Despite the fact that both stars share the same talent agency. Celebrities across the world tweeted their disgust, Billy Eichner calls it shameful and Judd apatow says this is so messed up that it is almost hard to believe, almost. So far no comment from Wahlberg or his management company. This created quite a discussion. Williams told us she essentially offered to donate her time and it's hard to fault Wahlberg's team for being good negotiators. On the other hand it's hard to look at two people doing the same job. She's the one with the golden globe nomination and getting paid a fraction. And they're both represented by the same agency and the agency doesn't even say, hey, there's a disparity here. There's inequity. The implication is that she was under the impression that everyone was doing it for free and that she didn't know that he had made this big negotiation that may or may not have changed things. We don't know but they are represented by the same people which is what some people are focusing on here. My guess is we haven't heard the last of it. Probably not. Thank you, Diane.

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{"id":52302747,"title":"New details emerge in Mark Wahlberg pay disparity controversy","duration":"2:48","description":"Wahlberg reportedly refused to approve Christopher Plummer as a replacement for Kevin Spacey in \"All the Money in the World\" until his $1.5 million demand was met, according to USA Today.","url":"/GMA/video/details-emerge-mark-wahlberg-pay-disparity-controversy-52302747","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}