Will Broncos Drop Tim Tebow?

The star quarterback could sit on the bench to make room for the champion QB.
1:53 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for Will Broncos Drop Tim Tebow?
-- already get something you know we have March Madness but who would have thought that the hottest sports story right now would be about football. Tim Tebow made all kinds of headlines and sparked a national. With a sterling play for the Denver Broncos last season and now he may be. Out of -- job Josh. You know it could be George say it's a brutal business pro sports and we decided this is the latest example that lets face it as much a business as pro sports -- -- thankless one at that Tim Tebow. Had quite a closing kick to his season pass but yes he may still be out of a job and all because Peyton Manning needs one. Tim Tebow sudden rise is an American sporting icon. Just as suddenly be done in Denver. Peyton Manning released by the colts last Wednesday after missing the entire season due to lingering neck injury always enjoy Paraguay's. For such a great -- is now the NFL's hottest free agent. Over the weekend he -- his private -- to meet with John -- former Denver hall of fame quarterback and now Broncos vice president of operations. If there's anyone that the comment. And not ruffle feathers it will be paid man in the daily Tebow on the bench and perhaps even a trade in the offing. Adding insult a Denver Post poll that showed two thirds favoring the Broncos trying to sign Manning. Tebow intensely religious and relentlessly -- Bursts on the NFL scene in the -- years of pro. After a series of last second seemingly from Iraq. -- come from behind wins to take the AFC west title. The broncos' first since 2000 five's but he was a polarizing figure captivating stands with his Tebow and but also exists is a staple of late night comedy. Yes I Jesus -- them indeed the reason you won your past six football -- You know Tim Tebow who was in Florida over the weekend meeting with wounded veterans was tight lipped about demanding mayhem. Choosing instead to do what he's done best focus on the positive. -- -- nothing special athletes in other special replay of silly game here's felon who put his life ally for our country at the real here. Here here now lots of incumbent quarterbacks may be looking over their shoulders right about now Manning also visiting Arizona. There are believed to be several other teams Miami included guys will be involved before Manning signs that's what happens when a hall of Famer can he had. Our our -- all these teams confident -- the Manning's -- he won't play and that's that's that's the real rub here nobody knows if he can actually throw or throw as well as he once did. He may -- team to sign him essentially sight unseen and that's where it gets really interest. The doctors have cleared the doctors have dramatically clearer complaint we saw some Green EV DO he was working -- -- -- throwing the ball again it's a question of velocity.

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{"id":15900839,"title":"Will Broncos Drop Tim Tebow?","duration":"1:53","description":"The star quarterback could sit on the bench to make room for the champion QB.","url":"/GMA/video/dever-broncos-drop-tim-tebow-peyton-manning-quarterback-15900839","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}