One Direction to Perform Live on 'GMA'

Share a picture of the "story of your life" to be part of the big Nov. 26 event.
1:20 | 11/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for One Direction to Perform Live on 'GMA'
Look who wants to know the story of your life. Highway one direction in June and it's -- Good Morning America on November 26 just to. Woman lied to celebrate the release calling you that race and it's -- -- -- lots of fun. Part of the one direction she Indian. Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! to share a picture of you and -- -- your picture might end up on GMA the morning one direction performs live. This will also have big surprise announcement you -- they don't. -- -- -- Yeah. -- has the nation's children squeal its alliance and. At this point on the -- and it up. One -- live November 26 first time ever. That's just two weeks and today and delegate that I only had 27 -- -- and can we come and be apart of it yes and we want everyone to be part of it. Can send -- your photo on Good Morning America back when Yahoo! to lead us or instrument. Using hashed. Number one he he -- hammer -- the end one.

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{"id":20863260,"title":"One Direction to Perform Live on 'GMA'","duration":"1:20","description":"Share a picture of the \"story of your life\" to be part of the big Nov. 26 event. ","url":"/GMA/video/direction-perform-live-gma-20863260","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}