Doctors Remove Model's Eye After Propeller Accident

Lauren Scruggs had critical surgery after she walked into a plane propeller.
1:51 | 12/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Doctors Remove Model's Eye After Propeller Accident
Up to a major turning point for Lawrence Scruggs the former model injured by -- spinning plane's propeller she just came out of a critical surgery and Josh is here with details. On the outcome -- that trade she has been through a number of surgeries -- in the past we can have this one though. By far the most difficult most intricate it was an operation on that left that was injured. And that her rip horrific accident. -- -- 23 year old model and fashion editor -- Scruggs who barely survived that terrible plane propeller accident just ten days ago. Is recovering after yet another delicate surgery. In a statement her family says quote we are thankful for all the strong and powerful prayers for this and this surgery today and quote. She really shouldn't be alive so we feel blessed in that and although she has some challenges ahead and we -- to. It's. We're lucky to have her. Wednesday doctors successfully removed -- left -- Implanting a prosthetic in its place overnight friends in -- we called it a miraculous turnaround for low as she's known to them. Writing that quote the doctors were excited about the surgery and said everything went as planned and unbelievably well end quote. Hoping and praying that. The most difficult to for many surgeries is now behind her -- parents say she's made incredible progress this week she's got her -- -- her personality. She's alert. She's talking. And even walking down the hospital hallway three times. All by yourself and and that does. Qualifies as progress however -- the home boy they'll take advantage comes just doesn't hurt to -- years. Today they -- very deeply religious family and that's an answer to prayer how she has been enough -- you do work miracles used a lot it certainly applies here. -- --

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{"id":15160747,"title":"Doctors Remove Model's Eye After Propeller Accident","duration":"1:51","description":"Lauren Scruggs had critical surgery after she walked into a plane propeller.","url":"/GMA/video/doctors-remove-models-eye-propeller-accident-15160747","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}