Dougherty Gang Almost Escapes from Jail

Violent trio plotted a daring jail break, but were caught before escaping.
2:32 | 01/28/12

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Transcript for Dougherty Gang Almost Escapes from Jail
Remember the Dougherty gang those three young siblings accused of going on a violent nationwide crime spree. They were finally busted and put in jail but now we're hearing about an audacious jailbreak plot. ABC's newest correspondent Mohammed -- is. All over the story this morning good morning to you and good morning -- great to be here now this is a scene straight out of that movie the Shawshank redemption famous movie that we've all seen. The only difference is the prison officials were able to foiled this plot before it happened. Thanks to a random search of -- authorities jail cell. -- It was a crime spree were the audience fly high -- you don't even -- bank robber. Now the story the into ms. Doherty gang siblings Dillon Lee grace and Ryan has a new twist an escape plan better than Hollywood. Remember the scene in Shawshank redemption where the main character breaks out of jail through a plumbing pipe. While police say Dylan Doherty the ringleader was planning the same thing in Colorado according to an affidavit when officers searched his -- they found -- -- hatch was tampered with and pried open. And behind the insulation was torn out. When they follow the -- in the ceiling they found footprints all the way over to the female cells that's exactly where Dylan's sister Lee grace was being held. Inside her cell they found handwritten note from -- telling her to pack her things because he was breaking them out. He even left a note to his own captors telling them. I've enjoyed staying years so don't take any of this personal. I'm not surprised in the least it goes to what that whole sort of show week in maturity that I have seen in a number of of criminals where they want to outfox everybody and they want to make it sort of grand and glorious. Authorities made headlines last year after a weeklong manhunt started with a high speed chase and shoot -- in Florida. Over -- right. Police say they went on to rob a bank in Georgia before crashing their getaway car in another shootout with police in Colorado. All three are now facing attempted murder and assault charges while Big Brother Dylan faces one more conspiracy to escape. You don't get much attention if you're locked up -- the -- day in and day out but escaping your back in the middle you're back in the movie so to speak. And just like the movies police say -- and Doherty left another note this went to the FBI telling them that by the time they found him he'd already be long gone. Now if you're wondering where the door -- are now well all three are still behind bars -- -- is now being kept in jail 45 miles away from his other siblings.

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{"id":15462826,"title":"Dougherty Gang Almost Escapes from Jail","duration":"2:32","description":"Violent trio plotted a daring jail break, but were caught before escaping. ","url":"/GMA/video/dougherty-gang-escapes-jail-15462826","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}