Douglas Kennedy on Trial for Altercation With Nurses

Robert F. Kennedy's son allegedly harassed nurses while trying to take his newborn out of a hospital.
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Transcript for Douglas Kennedy on Trial for Altercation With Nurses
Let's get right to the kennedy family, douglas kennedy, robert f. Kennedy's son, on trial right now. He's facing accusations of harassment and child endangerment, when he clashed with nurses on whether he could take his newborn out of the hospital. John muller has the events. Reporter: A maternity word nurse testifying that kennedy twisted her arm and kicked another nurse to the floor. His lawyers saying that the wanted to get his newborn son fresh air. This was douglas kennedy on surveillance video, allegedly getting physical with nurses trying to take his new son, beau, out of the hospital in january. This was a subdued kennedy, outside of the courthouse. Very grateful that the day is finally here. Reporter: The youngest son of the late robert kennedy is now on trial, accused of child endangerment and harassment, all because of this clash. At the time, the new father told nurses, he wanted to take his 2-day-old son out for fresh air. As he headed for the elevator, they stopped him and called security. Arguing kennedy didn't have permission. So, kennedy headed for the stairwell. That's where prosecutors say things really got rough. Just watch as a nurse falls back on the ground. In court monday, prosecutors told a judge kennedy intentionally kicked that nurse. But defense attorneys counter he was trying to protect his new child. It's been difficult for douglas and his family. Reporter: On monday, the firs talked with kennedy told the judge, quote, i didn't know what to say. It didn't make any sense for him to take the baby out for air. We don't take babies out. She called her supervisors and then security. I was trying to do anything to keep the baby from leaving the unit. But when kennedy's attorney asked if there was a policy of a had, quote, never seen one. Nurses showed up outside of the court, wearing red t-shirts to support their colleague. They're doing their job. They were supposed to protect the baby. Reporr: Outside of court, kennedy said he's looking forward to putting it all behind him. Ready for this to start. Thank you very much. And hopefully, everything will turn out okay. Reporter: Now,kennedy's attorneys argue not only were the nurses confrontational but even seeking personal gain. Defense attorneys paint the nurses as looking out for the child's best interest. Amy? For more, let's bring in

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{"id":17543222,"title":"Douglas Kennedy on Trial for Altercation With Nurses","duration":"3:00","description":"Robert F. Kennedy's son allegedly harassed nurses while trying to take his newborn out of a hospital.","url":"/GMA/video/douglas-kennedy-trial-altercation-nurses-17543222","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}