Kennedy Fight With Nurses: Criminal Charges?

Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss Douglas Kennedy's encounter with nurses.
3:47 | 02/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kennedy Fight With Nurses: Criminal Charges?
In our legal team -- legal analyst Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace -- -- -- Nancy Grace on H -- again let me Begin with -- you seem pretty surprised -- talking earlier. That he actually did bring charges -- -- it looked. Technically. If someone kick someone else that is the crime of harassment in the state of new York and we don't know when there -- a kicker was a defensive. Leg lift it -- -- let's even assume it was. This is the sort of case that tends to be resolved in the civil courts meaning someone -- someone else and they get money damages. I think it's very unusual -- in this kind of case they're pursuing criminal charges and I wonder whether this wasn't day Kennedy your high profile person whether they wouldn't. What about that Nancy -- this celebrity justice. Well I think that when every have a Kennedy involved in the case is going to be extremely difficult. I know that if I had my child in my arms and someone tried to take the child away from me far would fly. On the other hand and take a look at where the nurses are coming from might -- problem with -- already hiring personal injury lawyers that doesn't like dead but. The nurses are trying not to roll out a child to be taken off that -- and you cannot tell me that those nurses did not note that that Kennedy was the baby's father although they'll tell you now I didn't know that the father. And also they had a doctor with them that was a Kennedy friend. On the other hand the law is a law -- F I -- you you can't shoot me with an Uzi. At that point when he kicked in the nurses. They have not touched him at all so it sounds -- -- -- candidate got out of control to -- baby nurse. What a way out of control on the other -- -- They're not gonna win this prosecution I think it speaks volumes that he's only charged with mr. It is it is just it is so important I think it's a good point by the -- -- -- a charge of misdemeanor it's so important he's got this ER doctor on its side. I think we doubt that Kennedy would have a much tougher case here. But you have a doctor from -- hospital in his scrubs. Who was within. Who saying that the nurses were the core of the recordings terror the -- attorney they also two other eyewitnesses are gonna claim that that's an an and this is going to be resolved at some point based on various eyewitness accounts based on the videotape etc. But I am surprised -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The fact that debt and that I don't -- Palestinian uprising late I don't think about you dynasty I don't think this about an -- -- -- and dishonor and Kennedy and that -- but I don't think he was totally out I can tell you don't -- a baby nurse right. And and the question is whether the state should be involved should this be a criminal case. I don't think it should be -- I don't think it would be had it not been accounted. How does it go away Nancy -- somebody -- -- kick you in the pelvic area I'm sure -- want me to prosecute. -- -- It is again but if we prosecuted every case of someone kicking if everyone called 911 every time someone was kicked in this country if the police had to respond to every kick. That occurs and then prosecutors had to follow up on it we do very clogged up 911 in legal stuff. I appreciate that but a busy justice system is not the issue the issue is. Is it a criminal chase and by the letter of the law. Yes -- and other -- Willis -- trial -- absolutely not no jury is gonna convict a man. Trying to take his old baby off the maternity ward and not gonna happen and -- they'll end up calling these nurses nurse ratchet by the end of the whole thing it will go away yet -- does this even go to trial yesterday now. I don't have Nancy. -- -- Thank you both very much.

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{"id":15806732,"title":"Kennedy Fight With Nurses: Criminal Charges?","duration":"3:47","description":"Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss Douglas Kennedy's encounter with nurses.","url":"/GMA/video/douglass-kennedy-fight-nurses-criminal-charges-15806732","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}