Dr. Oz's New Take on the New Year's Resolution

The doctor recommends his 28-day, fresh-start plan instead of big sweeping plans
5:54 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Dr. Oz's New Take on the New Year's Resolution
Our next guest and the very first man to ever grace the cover of O magazine doctor -- -- -- It is a much more than a handsome cover boy as we know from watching him on TV all this time we're here with the new take on your New Year's resolution taking. Of those little just doesn't baby steps a first look at the cover back up thick with Phil and Oprah -- again this the first time. Then a guy hits and at a fund -- It was a lot of public talk about a lot of things are going on our lives and that's part of a cover shoes -- -- we can talk a little -- trite but I had better with the yellow what do you think what that yellow color yellow they have the big -- -- I. I -- -- to get a little bit hard time for some people -- -- friends they're like becoming -- good but it's all about the little things that could add up to big results. For us we reside there about twenty to 28 things you can do throughout the -- the holidays to change elected that I want little -- small things you can do a good example Green take. Talk about how valuable it is -- -- -- -- he's given lawyers -- rather lose weight started Green tea and black folks you don't want. What do we Green -- tastes. I -- challenge -- There are dozens of different kinds agreeing teach you got -- than here final one which -- -- like what has pomegranate here they're meant -- of Harold ray version has lots of different types of Greenpeace have made India China. Lots -- the countries. Point one that might work for you taste for once they're trying out from a tribe has about what about my doctors are always telling -- the benefits of drinking Green -- and I just don't like the taste of -- -- called -- has -- -- -- that it is the most powerful antioxidants and getting food and has a quarterly can't -- a -- total rocked -- west of the -- the morning it's likely to get energized its young -- It hasn't been oxidized that dark day to get a lot of the -- -- a lot of that you could face -- you then and now talking about -- He steps right here we all know that's -- live longer and the bettors take used to walking you'll get hurt you can do it every day the average American walks -- of 5000 steps they might -- body distribution 101000 -- -- easy way to do when it. I don't governors really cool because it keeps track of what you did yesterday it will leave -- for a week he keeps track to prepare yourself and -- if you if you couldn't help these enterprise it off. The SS -- -- -- after it can pass that you get prizes. -- -- -- -- -- -- upheld due to the information -- which you can literally get prizes for locking in -- -- get used to hear it hitting it doesn't get what kind of don't know what should I shouldn't matter we -- putting it did not get caught but as an enterprise and -- that we talk about portion control -- this looks like -- -- Beat a small family of 45610. It -- you know every single -- that -- -- that really works well for the mentally gets it. -- changes your life keeps easier to -- smaller portions. Question is what is the right portion size a lot of folks have this AZ I didn't set right now and please reveal what -- crept portions sizes for possible job carbohydrate -- Like Paul. -- -- part of -- drive that fast track process. OK let's be about a like Bob and I -- shows due to -- a little bit to the 150 cal doesn't sound like much and the only way you can get away with one or -- to force a -- is you can -- whole -- -- -- -- -- -- -- positive positive -- -- a little bit. And don't have that Russia sugar and you might know what -- go through all of this -- but that's a person that's got to know. I promise peanut butter those kind of things. Do we get up to carve your party bosses your facts -- protein red is going to be peanut -- homeless -- I love go to the example of -- was what looked like the portions portions. Side slow. I don't pick a title like -- -- for you are you ready GAAP it is a golf ball size just you know. Lot of people to know you know and I pay we make this physical attack especially the next example. Which of them is one of the biggest -- we have which is olive oil we drown -- -- -- and a young woman putting -- have to account as a salad dressing you think you're having a solid but addressing him. This is who had revealed isn't and an Atlanta. And I -- -- -- -- -- -- Up poker chip that's all you can. You know if you think about it. This just get up it's just this don't you structured the popular -- You I already did at the I don't mess that up but this is very helpful -- -- that visual. So let me finish the disaster carb protein and fat -- you know we are not enough for breakfast at America oh -- -- serial way. That is human forces -- -- is that correct. To the whole thing -- -- this. That's a tennis ball and a lot of people get these mistakes -- over and over again now live what you understand there's a portion size of -- -- -- correctly. Not a good example why that's important beat the label when you compare it popcorn -- three cups -- popcorn. You'll be able to get the C madam clerk will ninety calories -- if you had 915 ships. Would much rather have all this popcorn as opposed to just those few chips right here -- the -- and whether a new popcorn -- but didn't count. So if you -- garlic -- -- You consider amendments wonderful it -- -- more diabetes Simmons cricketer deliberate on the -- taxable little -- to get. This is all about reading labels understand the fundamentals of what's really in serving size this is doable we can do this we can do this -- In this last right here you know this is central eighteen inches of dental floss wanna put that in my hands most you -- how to do I get a short animation shows -- You get the flops down next to your teeth. Watch you put the flaps down not just between with peace talks but also down to with a -- -- -- -- it's really important do that couldn't be dealt. That was -- -- that better gingivitis will rise but I do -- -- France Europe -- you -- broken out. We want this down deep into the gums to rumble side when he can't get -- with the flops itself. You can use different kinds of water picks there air and air floss is there are there ways of irritating and and stripping -- stuff that doesn't get in your -- and cause you props and -- the world get it together -- let's be together with their families who want to use as an opportunity to family history folks please -- fearful of how -- -- -- loved ones about what's important in their lives because -- medical history is your medical history to great conversation -- again to got a bunch of stuff on abcnews.com website are sure these all about the -- history did in your family celebrate together by knowing. What they did wrong in their lives you could make a difference in your life -- you forever be part of our family since making him a fair trial of Islamic -- -- immediate moral authority said. Our web site.

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{"id":15137129,"title":"Dr. Oz's New Take on the New Year's Resolution","duration":"5:54","description":"The doctor recommends his 28-day, fresh-start plan instead of big sweeping plans","url":"/GMA/video/dr-ozs-years-resolution-15137129","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}