Dr. Ruth Talks About Her Life and Her Love of Turtles

Dr. Ruth surprises Katie and even brought her an engagement gift.
3:35 | 11/06/13

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Transcript for Dr. Ruth Talks About Her Life and Her Love of Turtles
About -- Well what you bring doctor Rick -- -- -- at least I hate getting game I'm telling me it's okay depending on yeah. I'm blunt you adopt -- game of the truck. Diet they felt yeah yeah. Yeah I did I well -- -- -- -- and okay I'll keep you posted on that doctor is meanwhile let's talk about sex -- -- -- at the thought. But there's a lot more going on here on in your life these days than just fact. That's sounds wrong out there. Yeah there's a Broadway Show up that -- might call becoming doctor which must be Celek -- -- isn't that exciting you have to come if you have. -- extraordinary. Incredible life doctor Ruth and -- -- survived the Holocaust -- sniper in the Israeli. Army -- -- it it must be strange watching this play do you feel as if your life is flashing before your eyes. It's not -- eye to eye and think I actually don't let it -- -- -- I'm thinking. And gas company confirmed that because I have spent significant -- I wasn't welcome at the age of ten I lived in an orphan match. I then Laura fan as is I -- -- perfect guy and I was my best and m.'s and then. And package and and into the battle into -- -- for me to sit back and look at the -- of my Chia. I watched your grandchildren out. Me in my life. Not -- -- -- that I de young I have -- meeting with him I even -- came to talk to my daughter into my fat. -- is -- real story can client fairly bleak picture of doctor reed and it's no wonder what they ask you can do something. I don't face off -- me I got some forty cent growth -- finishing -- what I'm going to fiscal now on what national. And everything -- I'm going to -- you want me. Because what did -- -- bluntly if you -- falling off an 85 I'm not funny all. 85 well listen I doesn't know thank you. And now he's like turtles because well why -- why did you become patently -- I'm getting attacked anti president OK let me tell you all I don't you -- It is -- if it -- and 18 because it can't think it's how its own bank. But they tattered doesn't move and -- -- cook added. It can't or my gosh I've been looking for mad talented -- cadet. But he doesn't me and I'm really proud of my life I don't think -- -- it's them not to speak explicitly about fiction. And you stuck your neck out that does that play well I did not that I knew we got into crystal turtles. And another turtle is willing to stick his neck -- and -- Well I yeah. And we're very excited.

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{"id":20803477,"title":"Dr. Ruth Talks About Her Life and Her Love of Turtles","duration":"3:35","description":"Dr. Ruth surprises Katie and even brought her an engagement gift.","url":"/GMA/video/dr-ruth-talks-life-love-turtles-20803477","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}