Bride Reveals Gown to Family on 'GMA'

TLC's Randy Fenoli reveals the final dresses from which Ilyssa Wapnick chose.
5:43 | 06/11/13

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Transcript for Bride Reveals Gown to Family on 'GMA'
of choices at the kleinfeld's to just three. 26-year-old alyssa had it all. A great family. Wonderful friends. And as of three weeks ago, an engagement ring from fiance, matt. He surprised me on mother's day. He showed up and proposed in front of my entire family. Reporter: What asliyssa didn't have, was finding a wedding dress for her 5'3" frame. I'm shorter than some girls are. Reporter: We knew who to call, guru randy fenoli. The host of tlc's "randy to the rescue." It's a program devoted to brides finding their perfect gown. The most important thing to remember is always choose the gown that makes you feel the most beautiful. Reporter: Randy invited alyssa and her family to join him at kleinfeld, the bridal emporium for brides with discerning tastes. Within minutes of meeting alyssa, randy and stylist paula, were enacting a plan in the top-secret storage room. Option number one, a lace strapless mermaid gown. I love that one. Reporter: And so did her family. Cinderella going to the ball. Reporter: Option two, a strapless number, featuring a big surprise. A detachable skirt that can be removed between the ceremony and the reception. This is totally comfortable. I'm kind of loving it. Reporter: While alyssa loved the idea, her younger sister was less enthusiastic. I hated it. Reporter: Option three, a strapless gown, featuring embellishments and a train. Alyssa was torn. She liked this one as much as the henry ross. I feel great in it. I feel like a princess. Reporter: Her mother was in love. I thought she looked amazing. Reporter: Then came option four. A ball gown featuring a beaded bodice and gray sash. Alyssa narrowed the field to three. So, which dress will alyssa say yes? It's going to be a challenge. Reporter: Stay tuned. Alyssa's about to make her choice. You want to stay tuned for that. Randy's right here to show us the dresses in person. Henry roth. This design just came out. It's fresh off the runway. This is two in one. And it has the rip-away skirt that velcros off to go from the church to the party. This is the second choice she had. A more traditional look. And finally? The third choice, which is more of a princess ball gown with three-dimensional textured skirt. These were her three choices. We are giving her the complete look like we do on "randy to the rescue." Coming up, alyssa says to one of them live. And seth rogen's here. Don't go anywhere. Live from wcvb tv channel 5, this is a newscenter 5 "eyeopener" update. Good morning, I'm j.C. Monahan. Top stories right now. Tim tebow expected to sign with the patriots and then participate in the team's mini camp today. Sports center 5's mike lynch says don't expect him to take any snaps at quarterback, after a failed season with the jets. These bruins fans spent the night in the rain waiting in line for tickets to see the team in its quest for the cup. Tickets go on sale today at noon, but before that a sendoff party as the team heads to chicago. A live look outside here in needham, oh, it's still wet and overcast, but on radar looks like the rain is pushing out. It is indeed. At least the steadier heavier rain, there might be pockets of mist and drizzle out there, but this is round one. As we go into the afternoon after 3:00, round two, some showers and possibly a thunderstorm coming in. We're in the 50's right now. Only about 60 to 65 north of the pike. We could sneak into the lower 70's south of the pike. A dryer cool day tomorrow, more rain late this week. Hopefully the commute is getting a little easier, because it was tough this morning, right, dorothy? Yes, it's actually getting a lot worse, what a mess on the pike. This is traffic heading into boston, let's go to the maps because it will take you an hour and a half at least to travel from 495 to boston, it's a solid line on in. Largely from some earlier accidents. In worcester there's a crash 290 at shrewsbury street. And an overturned vehicle 495 at 95.

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{"id":19372710,"title":"Bride Reveals Gown to Family on 'GMA'","duration":"5:43","description":"TLC's Randy Fenoli reveals the final dresses from which Ilyssa Wapnick chose.","url":"/GMA/video/dress-bride-reveals-gown-family-gma-19372710","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}