Duggar Family Victims of Alleged Extortion Plot

A woman allegedly threatened to sell racy photos of a member of the TV family.
2:45 | 02/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Duggar Family Victims of Alleged Extortion Plot
Alleged extortion plot targeting the doctors. We know them from -- hit reality show nineteen kids and counting the FBI staged -- staying. And a woman has been charged ABC's -- Davis has much more. On this morning. Good morning Robin we of course know the dog are failing because of their nineteen children and their strong Christian beliefs but now woman in Iowa claims she has scandalous photos of -- -- or family member. Worth thousands of dollars. This story and my family needs the TLC reality show sensation nineteen kids and counting. Showcasing the -- -- -- nineteen kids and conservative Christian beliefs but now the show is at the center of a criminal blackmail plot. With false allegations of a sex scandal yeah I -- get involved here the F. This is Amy daughter she's the niece of family patriarch Jim Bob -- here. And an aspiring country singer who frequently makes appearances on the show. But Teresa hunt photographer in Iowa claims to -- isn't the quote right wing Christian and mr. perfect she portrays on the show -- -- -- on. Them and all pregnant at -- claims she has intimate pictures of the 25 year old with the 56 year old musician. Federal court documents indicate hunt sent letters to executives -- the Discovery Channel TLC's parent company. Demanding that they cancel nineteen kids and counting or pay her not to release the pictures she sent a hand written note that read in part. 101000 dollars and I keep my mouth shut. Otherwise this story with exact details and photographs will hit the tabloids very soon. After mailing emailing and talking on the phone with undercover FBI agents about her intentions federal authorities arrested -- last week for extortion. This woman clearly is a compliant criminal. She uses true name true address -- -- is sort of your ideal case if -- prosecutor and or agent -- other insists there are no compromising photos of her. And released this statement it's totally untrue. He is a longtime friend who's always been supportive of my music career and then she went on to tweak. The people that -- don't care and the people they care about this deal. Matter. Radar online says -- reach out to them to purchase the photographs but that they passed on the pictures because they turned out to be absolutely harmless and nodded all the incriminating photos that she made out to the hunt remains in prison and could face up to five years for each count meanwhile the gunners still counting their blessings. Still counting their money than they are and their children right -- all right thank you live.

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{"id":15537180,"title":"Duggar Family Victims of Alleged Extortion Plot","duration":"2:45","description":"A woman allegedly threatened to sell racy photos of a member of the TV family.","url":"/GMA/video/duggar-family-victims-alleged-extortion-plot-15537180","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}