Duke the Dog Elected Mayor in Landslide Win

Residents of Cormorant, Minn., elected the Great Pyrenees as their next leader.
1:04 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for Duke the Dog Elected Mayor in Landslide Win
Well we've been getting great stories lately from the nation's heartland -- sculptures and husband calling competition that -- -- among them hog calling to announce something only slightly more serious since this is an election year. That take a look here that white Great Pyrenees named duke well he's the new mayor of the small village of cormorant Minnesota. Trash eighty was the overwhelming choice of the people getting a dozen votes do you -- something of the law and order agenda. Locals say problems around keeping an eye on every -- an even slowing down cars that passed through town. And they -- you can settle down he's got a one year term. -- he looks like your loving and reveling in his new law being twelve votes he really can't get -- scamper across. -- -- were also told he'll be. Sworn in this week not quite sure how that's gonna have manager Doug Collins for everyone but also it makes you wonder like none of the other twelve residents -- -- job. And the one year term as the -- control -- just reminded us look fat in dog years. Yeah seven years yet exactly -- -- -- he cared for him.

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{"id":24960844,"title":"Duke the Dog Elected Mayor in Landslide Win","duration":"1:04","description":"Residents of Cormorant, Minn., elected the Great Pyrenees as their next leader.","url":"/GMA/video/duke-dog-elected-mayor-landslide-win-24960844","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}