'DWTS' Semi-Finals: Can Rob Kardashian Win It All?

Former champion Donny Osmond weighs in on the semi-final round.
4:36 | 11/15/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'DWTS' Semi-Finals: Can Rob Kardashian Win It All?
Donny Osmond joins us -- thanks for coming back -- My pleasure -- I don't but I am doing great thank you and I got to say you did call you saw rob Kardashians potential couple weeks ago. Absolutely week one I was on this show and I said watched rob Kardashian have something about it everybody laughed. And I'm really really good about myself because I think and I'm gonna go out on a limb here at George. This could be a finish that nobody expects everybody knew they -- they are Ricki Lake they're the ones to take this but I tell yeah. Rob Kardashian could take home that mirror ball trophy next week. I would be an incredible comeback silky Sullivan but he's still got a ways to go and he got 110. Last night but that's his first one. But I -- today's -- it this is some strange things can happen on Dancing With The Stars he is the dark course here. And the same thing happened to Kristen cattle Larry when everybody thinks she's fine and she went out then week five I think it was and everybody was surprised. Same thing could happen to JR and Ricky. They could say my vote goes to rob and they say. JR -- -- don't need my vote they could slip that though the roster that's a very Smart you watch I've mark my words George we will have you back believe may get it let's talk about -- for a little bit I mean he was in such pain. Last night coming off that ankle injury but -- the judges a little too hard on -- no I don't think so -- I think of that ankle twist cost him the win you've got to be good at this point I've been there I know what it's like you have nothing left. And an injury like that can cost you the win. You've got to get give everything you have and more. Because you down the fumes at this point in time but Monday. When they walk -- that ballroom floor and they see that mirror ball trophy there then receive. All kinds of our regularly gets all the angles touch to get rid of -- that was such -- that was such a twist. For -- we saw last year -- -- came back. From her injury so he's got he's got to be flawless Monday night. Who is this JR. Yes he has a lot to who he's got a lot to do and with that injury. I really really worry about it clearly George Rickey is the better dancer clearly clearly but I think the defense support -- guy in my opinion -- -- Did you see that Argentine -- last night I mean that the lines -- she was hitting with -- it was a perfect dance she got a -- You know she was she -- -- -- is really honestly believe that -- going to be that -- the one it was a tough night for hope as well you think she's out of every night. I think definitely hope is going home she's. Lot of good battle she's done a great job. I'm really proud of -- -- that -- wedded to her arm I -- I just Koreans. And I don't think she needed to do it because I think she's going home tonight -- But last night neither she nor men as -- a little tussle with the judges of -- -- nice all smiles. City and Max was playing nice he was all smiles last night he was -- -- companies' budgets. I'd -- -- hero you're sorry about that. Are you there now aside about Max. Canadian that I can -- -- Max wasn't gonna take on the judges last night his playing nice -- -- Yet -- with the was big very kind individual because he. He kind of blew it there of the last couple weeks -- you just can't talk like that to the judges there therefore. And if you can't take the criticism. Get out the kitchen if it's too hot because that's what they're there for what we're gonna see if -- big prediction comes from comes through rob Kardashian -- first before you go. You -- your Christmas special coming back when Marie last year on Broadway this year on the road. That's not a good did 20 Detroit right after Thanksgiving and we're gonna go to Chicago. A brand new show and before I leave you just gotta tell Regis I said hi and her. They reached Donnie says hi say hide a dot me Nene right got -- pay grades up. Lobby -- I got four words for your body I got four words I want -- gig up. -- -- I think -- think about it I'll know I'm glad that Donna and Kelly. -- sounds better than Donny and Marie. Hello. Let's came next line and hit on -- usually gets -- better than two million live with -- and and Kelly is better than. Donny Marie when you -- as they would Maria yeah -- -- -- Kelly about half.

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{"id":14955193,"title":"'DWTS' Semi-Finals: Can Rob Kardashian Win It All?","duration":"4:36","description":"Former champion Donny Osmond weighs in on the semi-final round.","url":"/GMA/video/dwts-final-14955193","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}